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Page header overlap!

PDF file I create has a big table that spans multiple pages. And I am creating a page header and footer for every page but for some odd reason page headers are overlapping with the table rows. Here i

Insufficient data for an image

Hi I have written a stand alone program using itext to embed an image into a PDF. The PDF gets created with out any problem. However while reading the PDF we get this error - "Insufficient da

Header/Footer Question?

I am trying to add header and footer to each page in my document but facing two issues with it. I have followed the tutorial and extended PdfPageEventHelper class. 1-) When I add just the footer t

RES: Digital Signature

I following this example http // I export the X509Certificate2 to byte[] and import into a PKCS12Store object with MemoryStream and

Array index out of bounds exception

Hello I am attempting to add a tiff image into a pdf. The only thing that I have determined is that the resolution is causing this exception. The resolution of the TIFF is 101x101. The following ex

Video thumbnail

Hi I have inserted a video in a PDF. I learn how to do this here http // Is there a way to view only the first frame of

Memory Error

Hi when i run Itext to split big Pdf I got an 'OutOfMemoryError java heap Space ' The Pdf File I split is 1 Go and could be even bigger. I manage to generate files up to 250 Mo from splittin ' t

Paragraph set methods

Hi guys Not for long time ago I had some problems with Paragraph class. I 'm generating a very big RTF document (few hundred pages) and of course with a lot of paragraphs (instances of Paragraph cla

Digital Signature - ERRATA

All I send this mail because in my first mail with this subject I write that the name of the function that I can 't make work is CreateSignature() now I looking into my code I see the name of the

Digital Signature

Hi all I 'm trying to Sign a PDF with iTextSharp I have found a lot of example in the internet but all talks about digital sign with a PFX file I want to sign a PDF with an certificate stored in t

TOC creation

are page events the only way to create a TOC? i 'm trying to create TOC using coldfusion but i can 't see anyway around the need to extend/override the page events (which seem impossible in cf). than

Populating Image Fields

I have a pdf that has several types of fields. One type is an image. I 'm able to populate text fields with text. Works great. What about a field that was created that is supposed to contain an image.

2 czech Characters getting lost when parsingthrough IText

----- Original Message ----- From "Bela Sharma " <belaSharma@(protected) > To <itext-questions@(protected) > Sent Friday July 21 2006 10 47 AM Subject [iText-questions] 2 czech Character

iText and Jasper

Hi all Can someone/s explain what the differences/similarities and ad/disdavantages of iText vs Jasper are? I understand they 're used together and that iText JAR file is bundled with Jasper but

Qustion About iTextSharp

Hi! I 'm a user of iTextSharp..I met a problem.. How to control the space between rows? I have looked for the API doc. but no rusult. Could U tell me how to control the space between rows? Thx....

2 czech Characters getting lost when parsing through IText

Hi I get a strange issue with 2 of the czech characters when generating PDF using IText version 1.4.2. When customerNumber Pr??erne ?lutouck? is sent as as input to IText after doing following

iText Examples

Hi Group I 'm new to this group and was hoping to find some help with creating a PDF I 'm trying to find some good examples of using iText in a .NET environment. The examples I 've found on the web are

Very funny programmer video

I couldn 't stop laughing in a couple of parts http // - dave David Thielen 303-499-2544 x1185

Paragraph text spacing

I am trying add two Chunks of text on a same line with first chunk being aligned CENTER and next chunk aligned RIGHT. I tried following cases () 1-) Paragrapgh p1 new Paragraph( "Align me Center ")

Question with thread "Need help for newline " from itext li

Please keep on the mailinglist you have sent this question only to me. This is not a good idea I am on vacation. Kamil wrote > I 'm using itext on java serwlets any new request object are created

itext Beginner: Does anybody have a Java-classtemplate for an

Hi I wonder if somebody has a template to create a A4 invoice single-page PDF with a NICE layout ??? I thought about a Java class where you e.g. fill a bean with values like CompanyLogo (jpg) S

Issues on merging tagged PDF files - Urgent

Hi I tried to use iText to merge several tagged PDF files into a single one and found that the tag info is missing in the merged PDF file. The PDF files was tagged using Acrobat Pro 7 (Accessibil

Best way to determine if an existing form field has the mu

Malloy James wrote > I have a process that fills forms. I want to do a specific action if a > form field is multiline. What is the best way to determine if the > field is multiline? > Object mu

itext and Acrobat 7.0

It appears that the new pdf format (1.6) no longer uses AcroForms. Does this mean that iText cannot be used wit hthe latest version of Adobe? I 've tried populating forms and they do not populate. T

Wants a CD in the drive sometimes

Hi When I call registerDirectories() and I am running a command line unit test - java prompts me with trying to read drive D and gives me a continue/cancel/retry choice. I am pretty sure this is

white font when generating pdf using Windows 2000

When we generate a pdf using software (that incorporates iText) running under Windows 2000 some of the text comes out white. This problem does not occur in Windows XP. Has anyone else encountere

Nested and multiple signatures

Hi Paulo In your library documentation I can see how to make nested signatures. I?ve tested and it works fine. However is it possible to make multiple signatures in only one revision? Thanks?

Best way to determine if an existing form field has the multil

I have a process that fills forms. I want to do a specific action if a form field is multiline. What is the best way to determine if the field is multiline? Previously I have done com.lowagie.text.

PDF From JSP page - Some Urgent help needed

Hello Thanks for the sample code I got it now I have started running into problems. I used the HelloWorld.jsp page in my application server to test. generating a PDF from jsp page. Though u menti

Slightly OT: Does anyone have a way to determine the langu

At 10 40 PM 7/19/2006 Aaron J Weber wrote >I basically am trying to filter PDFs to see if they 're a >non-Latin-based language (Japanese Korean Chinese to name a few). > >Thanks for any hints/tips
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