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Nested continuation headings

I need to put headings at the top of each page if the information continues from the previous page with a maximum of 3 levels of sub-headings. For example 1.0 Bulid environment (continued)

Add GOTOR action & destination to a chunk

Hello Actually i am able to add the action but the problem is i dont know how to add destination information in a chunk which has an GOTOR action. PdfAction has a method but it requires a destinati

Subject: Cell width

Hi I 'm adding a Cell containing an Image to a Table object that I 'm adding to a header. I wanna know the exact width of the cell so I can dimension the remaining cells of the row accordingly. I 've

insert PKCS#7 Signature into pdf

Hi All! What I want to do is adding a PKCS#7 signature to a pdf document. This signature is generated by a PKCS#11 Library so I can work with an external card reader. It is not possible to get the

Subject: Table width

Hi I 'm trying to generate a table in a RTF document. I 'm using the Table class. I want the table to expand the whole page 's width. I 've tried using setWidth(100) and setAbsWidth( "100 ") but in both

RTF, table in header and footer

I am currently upgrading my existing system from using itext v1.2 to v1.4.4. I found there is a problem with version v1.4. hope some body can help me. I put a table in the header and footer but the

PDF Not Allow Save As (pls reply my mail)

Dear sir How can I set the pdf not allow save as I had read a part of the source code. Didn 't find any hins about save as. My question is that I just want user to read the pdf and not allow others

file attachment in pdf

Hi i will be very thankful if any one guide me to make "Link Tool Property " to behave like "Attach a file as comment property " in Pdf

PDF Bookmarks

Hello I am using iTextSharp and have a routine which gets all the bookmarks in a PDF document. I would like to know while getting that information is it possible to find out what page


Hi I wrote a small app to check the behaviour of iText when you add a PdfPTable to a document via document.add() on which setKeepTogether(true) is set. These are my experiences I add a first ta

AcroForm and AcroField PLUS FAQ ENTRY

Thank you Thank you Thank you. The second suggestion was exactly what i was looking for. For those who are reading this also you can use "Not the correct syntax " -- AcroField.renameField(String

Reducing PDF size.

Hi Bruno I am using coordinate system to reduce the file size for putting text into acro fields. (I followed your Is there any way the same thing we can do for images? Because I am

question itext with margins

Hello In my application i generated PDF with an template XML I use itext-1.4.4.jar. At origin I put values (10 10 10 10) for leftMargin rightMargin topMargin and bottomMargin of my document

Bug HtmlWorker

Hi Paulo When you feed HtmlWorker an HTML string containing <H1 > to <H6 > HTML-tags and use HTMLWorker.parseToList() the resulting text in the PDF document uses a very big font for the text that was

AcroForm and AcroField PLUS FAQ ENTRY

I 'm pretty sure this is in the FAQ somewhere. Thought I don 't know the FAQ URL off the top of my head... lets see here... It 's not there. I 'm shocked. But there is a form for submitting FAQs <si

Adding java.awt.image

Document document new Document(pageSize 0 0 0 0) Paulo ----- Original Message ----- From "Kunst Brad " <bdk@(protected) > To <itext-questions@(protected) > Sent Thursday August

AcroForm and AcroField

Hi i am coping the same pdf file into one big one and each time i copy them in I fill out the form field uniquely and it shows up too. But when i try to change the form field inside a browser on o

PdfImportedPage from byte array?

I 'm getting a Document exception on byte[] data PDF document loaded from cache ByteArrayOutputStream os new ByteArrayOutputStream() Document document new Document(Page

Chunks from html markup?

I 'd love to be able to take a string The <b >quick </b > brown <i >fox </i > <u >jumps over </u > the lazy dog. And have it translate the simple markups in the string into a list of attributed chunks to be d

IText WIN 2000 Advanced Server

Hi I am using a Win 2000 advanced Server desktop with Sun Application server as the app server. When i test my jsp application using the Apache TomCAT server everything works fine. But wih Sun Appli

Usage of PdfWriter.setOutputIntents()

Hi Bruno What are the possible values for PdfWriter.setOutputIntents parameters. I am not able to understand the parameters mentioned in API. public void setOutputIntents(String outputConditionIde

Inserting PdfPTable in elements fromHTMLWorker

Subclass HTMLWorker to use a custom tag. When that tag is found insert the table. Paulo ----- Original Message ----- From "bruno " <bruno@(protected) > To "Prashant Baj " <postmaster@(protected)

Problem with setting default color space.

Hi Bruno I am setting the default color space in the following... BatchFillPDFX batch new BatchFillPDFX() Document document new Document() PdfWriter writer PdfWriter.getInstance(do

Inserting PdfPTable in elements from HTMLWorker

I forward this to the mailing list. I still have too much work on the book. br Bruno Prashant Baj wrote > Hi > I have a HTML template which has [[placeholders]] and I want to > replace the place

Subject: Re: ICC Profile

Hi Paulo There is NO ICC profile attached to the image I am using. I am assuming this by the following code. Image img Image.getInstance(imageFile) System.out.println(img.hasICCProfile()) This

FormField is not required

Hello I try to turn off the flag "FF_REQUIRED " of some PdfFormFields but form.setFieldProperty(fieldname "ctrlfflags " PdfFormField.FF_REQUIRED null) is not working ( Also turning on the f

Embedding an ICC Profile to jpg image.

You used the wrong mailinglist address. I forward your mail. Prakhya Ganesh wrote > I have a template which has a copy hole for putting jpg image and I am > using this template for multiple page

appearance comb textfield: problem with spaces

If you remove the javascript from printfields.pdf it will work correctly. It looks like it 's the javascript that has to be debugged. Paulo ----- Original Message ----- From "bruno " <bruno@(protected)

validating the url in the pdf files

hi how to find whether the urls in the pdf file is active or not.

HowTo: Image Alignment Middle with PdfStamper

Hello I need to stamp an image on a pdf. So I use PdfStamper. When I use this alignment method img.setAlignment(Image.MIDDLE) Itext throws this exception The image must
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