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IText Document Parsing.

Quoting pchoul <paul_choulguine@(protected) > > Hello > > I was wondering ... > If I have an existing PDF document can I parse it into an HTML file I 'm sorry but a question like this reveals a seri

PDF/A 1b compliant files have pdf 1.3 version   tag

thanks I 'll get the patch from the SVN and apply it to our version.

IText Document Parsing.

Hello I was wondering ... If I have an existing PDF document can I parse it into an HTML file and essentially embed it into a web page? Currently I am using the embed tag with a servlet as a sour

SetPDFXConformance and PDF Version

Paulo Since you added support for PDF/A-1 one can (re-)use the method setPDFXConformance(...) on PdfWriter to set the conformance level to PdfWriter.PDFA1B. Additionally this method sets the ve

PDF/A 1b compliant files have pdf 1.3 version tag

Paulo Since you added support for PDF/A-1 one can (re-)use the method setPDFXConformance(...) on PdfWriter to set the conformance level to PdfWriter.PDFA1B. Additionally this method sets the v

RE : image + classpath

Hi I 've done a standalone application in a jar file and loading an image from the classpath works... So it look like it 's an issue with my WAR file/environment/libraries/etc... -( If the image ha

pdf document permissions

In the "iText in action " book i read about permissions and the static method PdfEncryptor.getPermissionsVerbose(int permissions) thats a nice method for logging but not really useful in code. Is the

link in pdf document

hello my name is Inma I is doing a proyect with itext but I have a problem. my question is how add a link in a pdf document? Thanks in advance (and excuse my english). Reg

[iText-questions] image + classpath [RTF]

> -----Original Message----- > From itext-questions-bounces@(protected) > [mailto itext-questions-bounces@(protected)] On > Behalf Of Bompart Cedric > Sent Monday November


It 's a numeric only code. See http // Paulo > -----Original Message----- > From itext-questions-bounces@(protected) > [mailto itext-questions-bounc


Hi all I`m trying to add a table with a BarcodePostnet image to already created document . This is my code (barcode128 works fine with same code) BarcodePostnet postNet new BarcodePostnet() pos

image + classpath

Hello I 'm using itext 2.0.6 (jdk 1.4). I 've got an issue with rendering an image in RTF. If I 'm loading an image from the file system it works fine. But if I 'm loading an image from the classload

Non breaking space \u00a0

I never saw that happening. Please post a link to the pdf. Paulo > -----Original Message----- > From itext-questions-bounces@(protected) > [mailto itext-questions-bounces@(protected)

Non breaking space \u00a0

I 've internationalised a document that uses iText. The library I 'm using for this is " " which puts a \u00a0 as a separator for numeric values in some languages (eg Swedish). While t

Page Overflow on iSeries

I have been using the iText application with command SPLTOPDF on my iSeries. Most spool converts perfectly fine however I have had issues with a couple. 1) On PDF last line of each page is overflo

Microsoft : WMF integration in iTextSharp

Hello Paulo Coming back for the WMF integration issue ... Guillaume my colleague has contacted Microsoft about this ant it appears that we didn 't use the correct mode in our generation of WMF fil

Creation of PDF/A PDF 's

Foris Zoltan wrote > > > > Foris Zoltan wrote > > > > I would like to solve the PDF to PDF/A conversion. I know that there is a > > lot of work but i think that > > I already solved the following

Font Name versus Font Reference

I 'm reading a PDF file that has six Type1C fonts embedded. These fonts have names such as APAMDB+NewAgeItalic In the content stream there are references to the fonts such as /F11 1 Tf I do not un

Obtaining Raw Glyphs

Mark Storer <mstorer3772 <at > > writes > > > On 10/31/07 Brad Wilmot <bwilmot <at > > wrote > > > I 'm trying to read a PDF with six embedded fonts whereby the contentuses this t

Funny discussion about iText @ Google

http // br Bruno

WriteSelectedRows and HeaderRows

It seems that HeaderRows do not work when writing selected rows/cols on several pages. Is there any workaround for doing this?

Spreading table across 2 pages:

Using itextsharp I have created a table with 20 columns and with WriteSelectedRows() I can spread it 2 across pages. Before this I have to set the total width of the table to 2*(pagewidth - margin

I am having an issue with overlapping

Yerger Chad wrote > text in a cell. I am using Chunk within a cell and Table..not PdfPTable. > Does this have something to do with special chars..or length of text. > Anyways around.. I can 't rep

Question about splitCharacter

I have implemented SplitCharacter and was hoping to have it split after the close parenthesis ') ' but not before this character As such I have something like public boolean isSplitCharac


Hi I am reposting this question again hoping to get some kind of a response. Attached is a small SVG file that contains a gray mesh pattern. I am converting this image to com.lowagie.text.Image wi

Problem with vertical Text

Hi all I am new to this list hello everybody. I did a few things with iText and I have one particular problem which I was not able to solve by now. I hope someone can help me. - I print vertical

Table performance

Hi I 'm doing a largeish tabular dump from a database query and it 's working fine (even made some 600+Mb ones)when splitted up to smaller tables. However profiling indicates that it spends quite som

RTF bugs

Just note for a couple of RTF bugs about colors described at https // 72954&atid 536236. Paulo Aviso Legal Esta mensagem ? destinada exclusivamente ao destinat?ri

Creating new document from a pdf template thatcontains for

iText can 't grow the space only Adobe 's live cycle dynamic forms can do it. To solve that in iText you 'll have to create the PDF from scratch each time probably based in same XML template. Paulo

Creating new document from a pdf template that contains form f

Hi all I have seen a very comprehensive example of a very similar question/thread posted earlier (Jan 2007) entitled "Solution 1 creating new document where every page includes contents (text
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