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Hello all tomorrow my wisdom teeth will be removed so I 'll be 'out ' for at least a day I hope my 'hamster cheeks ' will have disappeared by next week because I 'm going to JavaPolis on Wednesday (

How can i dynamically change the width of cells based on i

dinesh.rakwal@(protected) wrote > > How can i dynamically change the width of cells based on its content > in iText This question has just been answered http //

How can i dynamically change the width of cells based on its c

How can i dynamically change the width of cells based on its content in iText ************************************************************************* This message and any attachments (the "message "

get Rangestream from a PDF-Document

See the source of AcroFields.verifySignature() for some pointers. Paulo > -----Original Message----- > From itext-questions-bounces@(protected) > [mailto itext-questions-bounces@(protected)

Phrase containing Chunks/Phrase with multiple Run Directio

I think that what you require are different alignments in the same line. It 's possible to achieve that with a PdfPTable with two columns without borders one left aligned and the other right aligned

get Rangestream from a PDF-Document

Hi i search for a way how to get the bytes from a PDF-Document(maybe with an already signed document) wich are was used for signing! But i dont want modify the document! I need them for external ver

PdfPTable column widths

Hi I have a couple of questions regarding column widths in a PdfPTable. 1) Is there a quick out-of-the-box way to "tell " the table to set each column width to the width of the cell (among th

Upgrading to Itext 2.0.6

Thanks for the information. There is a possibly that we could have non-breaking spaces in our data the source of the data in our app is an Oracle database. The data set spans several years (approx.

Phrase containing Chunks/Phrase with multiple Run Directions

Currently in iText I can create a new Phrase object with a main font and then within the Phrase I can have additional Chunks or Phrases with different fonts. Therefore likewise would it be possibl

Writing meta-data while document is open?

Hi Bruno/Paulo I am working with Mark Hall and the RTF code. In the iText Document class why is it not possible to add meta-data once the document is opened? Is this a technical limitation or a spe

Sun bug id: 4949631 String.getBytes() does not work on some st

Hi All Has anyone encountered issues when using Itext on documents larger than 16 mb? There is an issue with the String.getBytes method it appears to affect the StringBuffer class (since it uses g

Concatenate PDF documents using servlets

Hi I am new to iText How can we Concatenate PDF documents using servlets.Please give me a example. I am able to do the same thing in a stand alone application. Thanks & Regards Ramesh Concatenate

iText - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways   ...

wasegraves@(protected) wrote > The latest version ScaleAndTile3 is available only to donors to The > Rotary Foundation until 25 December 2007. Proceeds go to the same > purposes that the Bill

Adding the constructor com.lowagie.text.List(float)

Hi Bruno On 11/30/07 Bruno Lowagie <bruno@(protected) > wrote > Alexis Pigeon wrote > > Hi Bruno Paulo * > > > > Is there any reason for not having the following constructor in > > com.lowagie.t

How to change a PDF but preserve the rights

I have a PDF containing an XFA form isXfaPresent() true. The PDF was authored so that it can be opened in Adobe Reader fields in the form can be filled and the form can be saved by Reader to th

iText - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways ...

ScaleAndTile a Java-iText program that uses the iText library has evolved from a set of command-line programs that I wrote for my own use to most recent versions ScaleAndTile ScaleAndTile2 and n

Adding an empty signature-field and signing

Hello I need to add two signature-fields and add a signature inside the first one. This is how i do it ...... ...... //Lets create the two fields PdfFormField sign1 PdfFormField.

Problem with dot after chapter / section   numbers

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN " > <html > <head > <meta content "text/html charset ISO-8859-15 " http-equiv "Content-Type " > <title > </title > </head > <body bgcolor "#ffff

PdfContentByte and writing part of text as sub/superscript

Martin Taal wrote > how can I write > part of the text into the PdfContentByte as super/subscript or give part > of the text another font? I suggest using ColumnText.showTextAligned(parameters) in

PdfContentByte and writing part of text assub/superscript

ColumnText.showTextAligned(). Paulo ----- Original Message ----- From "Martin Taal " <mtaal@(protected) > To <iText-questions@(protected) > Sent Saturday December 01 2007 12 55 PM Subject

PdfContentByte and writing part of text as sub/superscript or

Hi I want to write text at a specific location on the pdf. For this I use the code below which works fine. However my question is how can I write part of the text into the PdfContentByte as super/sub

Section/Chapters and memory

Kris Raney wrote > Ah good I 'm glad you like that. I found that necessary in order to > be able to add my own elements (the Div and the BPSSection.Start > and .End elements.) That 's one reaso

Coldfusion MX 7 + Latest iText install

jeffreyvaught@(protected) wrote > I?m sure this hasn?t been asked twice over but my company is finally > installing iText on our Coldfusion shared server but I have to provide for cf7/cf8 iText is a

Size of iText-generated RTF file growing after saving in

Hi all I 'm using iText 2.0.6 to generate an RTF file that has to be edited manually afterwards with Word. The problem is that after editing the file size is 10 times bigger than the original one.

Increasing the Width of the BARCODE

You can scale the image. Paulo > -----Original Message----- > From itext-questions-bounces@(protected) > [mailto itext-questions-bounces@(protected)] On > Behalf Of harsha_re

IDENTITY_H : UnsupportedEncodingException

IDENTITY_H only works with TrueType fonts. You 'll need something like this DefaultFontMapper mapper new DefaultFontMapper() mapper.insertDirectory( "c \\windows\\fonts ") DefaultFontMapper.BaseFon

IDENTITY_H : UnsupportedEncodingException

Hello Here is a problem that I exposed to Bruno he told me to post here. I try to send a pdfGraphics2D to the paint method of an AWT component. Everything works fine except that the text does not ap

Increasing the Width of the BARCODE

Hi All I have used barcode in my pdf and i would want to know whether i can increase the width of the Barcode. If it is possible then how can i increase it. -- View this message in context http

Watermark on a pdf wich is embedded in a browser

Hi I am trying to add some watermark to a pdf document. I 've followed correctly the example of the file " " from "http //

Pdf 1.7 and merging XFA data - solved

Am I the only one that figures out what I 'm doing wrong 10 minutes after I ask for help from the world?!!??? I needed to use the setXfa() method in the XfaForm class and pass the reader and writer
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