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Excel: Too many different cell formats
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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Subject: Error reading excel file

Hi all I am using HSSF in my web application to read an excel file uploaded by the user. The application is struts based and the input stream from the struts.upload.FormFile object is passed to th


I am planning to mark the setCellType method deprecated since the recommended way is to user the setCellValue() method directly which sets the cell type lazily. Does anybody actually need to use t

I get impossible to read an excel file

Hi all I read it in jakarta poi and the file which did write does not open out afterwards I do write to hold processing nothing and a file gets impossible to open. Will this problem happen at size


> Hi there > i am new to this list > > for my final year project i need to read word documents from JAVA > i found the POI but i was unable to run it > couldn 't find the imported classes in any

AW: does POI work on LINUX without Microsoft Office?

Hi Bernadel it should - I 've tested a little in the area of Linux in combination with Open Office and the POI produced *.xls was easily && correct processed. Go ahead ). hth cu Stefan > -----U

does POI work on LINUX without Microsoft Office?

Hi I have a doubt with POI Libraries I have an application (with servlets and jsp) on windows XP with Microsoft Office 2000 this application read an excel file (.xls) and write in a new excel fil

Urgent~ why I can 't insert an image into excel by poi

Ok where can I find a compiled cvs version ? I haven 't got cvs environnement... Otherwise where can I find more information about compilation in order to get as quick as possible a "poi.jar " ? Than

POI cell differences between a blank and a completely cleared cell

Michael Thanks for your reply. It turns out that a blank cell is of type CELL_TYPE_STRING. The reason that my code wasn 't working was because I was using a for loop to traverse the rows and a ca

First Time User

All Thanks in advance. I am a first time user of POI and am having trouble trying to read an XLS (Windows XP) with a lot of macros and Activex objects in it. All i want to do is get data fro

HWPF: Problem to compile and obtain .class

Hello For the past couple of days we have been trying to use HWPF API without success. We have downloaded each .java source from the scratchpad. First we tried to compile the java sources without us

Problem on custom format on existing worksheet

Hi I am currently writing an API for writing list of objects into excel worksheet. POI works great but when it comes to appending data to an existing worksheet existing custom data format cannot

Subject: Can POI read CSV files?

Hi folks I would like to know if POI is able to read CSV files. If so is there any specific method to do it? -- Alessandro

Nightly Builds

Are these available for POI. I am stuck behind a firewall/proxy that does not allow cvs through and want to have a look at the latest MS Word stuff. Thanks

AW: Change paper when printing out.

Hi Rash. That 's not POI. You 'll have to send a form feed before you document is printed. Or you should set up your spooling system that it behaves like this. Regards Karl-Heinz. -----Urspr?nglic

Change paper when printing out.

Hello List! Is there a way to tell the printer to star printing on a new page? I have a rather large sheet I wish to split (the outprint that is) it on diffrents rows. Is it possible? Thanks for yo

Yet Another Column Width Thread (shrink to fit?)

Hi all I 'm able to set the desired column width in pixels using this myHSSFSheet.setColumnWidth(columnIndex (short) (widthInPixels * 37)) but how can I set a column to adjust to its content width

AW: How to get the result of a formula ?

Hi Rolf. Formulas are evaluated by Excel at the next usage of the file. Regards Karl-Heinz. -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- Von ROLLIN F GssiItsRet [mailto Frederic.Rollin@(protected)] Gesendet

How to get the result of a formula ?

Hello I 'm using a complex Excel WorkBook to validate the result of a java program. In fact I set values in different HSSFCell of HSSFWorkbook created from a model and I try to read the result in a

Urgent~ why I can 't insert an image into excel by poi

Dear all Does anyone can insert an image into a excel file? I use the quick guide in hssf help as my program code..but it not work! It can generate a excel successfully but an empty content.. Whe

RE: How to mandate showing the active cell when the Excel file is
    first opene

Shawn the problem as I tracked it using BiffViewer is that setAsActiveCell() does not actually put the cell into view but there is another parameter "[WINDOW].toprow " that controls this. Apparently

how should we release the memory

Hi It seems that the memory does not get released after the excel document is created and written into the file!!! I highly appreciate is anybody can help me with this issue. Here it is the cod

How to mandate showing the active cell when the Excel file isfirst opened?

Thanks for the suggestion. But macros are not received friendly nowadays. -----Original Message----- From Avik Sengupta [mailto avik.sengupta@(protected)] Sent Monday May 02 2005 12 52 AM To PO

AW: How to handle high data volume?

Hi Prakash due to the wired BIFF format I reached the out-of-memory quite soon too. There are small RAM ressources at my client side and I use the hack to send a bytestream with tab separation betw

How to handle high data volume?

Hi I am using POI to generate the excel report. Following is the code which i am using to dump the data in excel sheet. My query is fetching more than 13000 records. I am passing the workbook object

Setting Row break

Hey I am trying to set row break in my sheet using HSSFSheet.setRowBreak(RowNO) but its always throwing a Nullpointer Exception irrespective of the fact that sheet is not null and the rows is created

Re: How to mandate showing the active cell when the Excel file is
   first opened

use a startup macro? On Fri 2005-04-29 at 15 04 -0500 Li Jianming non Unisys wrote > Hi there > > > > We are using POI to generate a large Excel file (the work sheet contains > around 50 000

How to mandate showing the active cell when the Excel file is first opened?

Hi there We are using POI to generate a large Excel file (the work sheet contains around 50 000 rows of data) for our client. Our client mandates that when the file is first opened with Excel it

Subject: Image crashes servlet

Im trying to edit spreadsheets with images in it however time I have inserted an image in the template Im getting "Unable to read file " from the servlet. Which image format are supported? So far I on

issue with HSSFCell.getStringCellValue()

I have a spreadsheet with a postal code column. In my app we treat postal codes as Strings. The problem is that when reading the postal code cell values from the spreadsheet using HSSFCell.getStri

Subject: changing name of HSSFSheet

Hi I am generating my excel file by reading from a template file and then add data using HSSF. I would like to programatically rename the name of an existing sheet. I was looking for a HSSFSheet#setN
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