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Subject: Struts Validator-validwhen

Hi The struts Validator 'validwhen ' I could not find anywhere in struts even though it was mensioned in documentation. If it is available Could anybody please help me where exactly it is available

Trouble with validation of nested properties -indexedListProperty?

I can see one spot that could lead to problem. In your iterate the var name is "allUsers ". However in your validation.xml the field property is "email ". The name of the iteration var has to b

Dumbo Question

Sorry heres another newbie question. I have a bean that stores collections of data that have been retrieved from a database. When I try and logically iterate these collections on my JSP page it

Can dynaValidatorForm control range value for a double?

Can dynaValidatorForm control range value for a double?

Subject: Designing a Form, help!

I need a form with a variable length list of items. Each item needs to contain 3 strings 1) Permission name 2) Permission Description 3) If user has permission (on/off) The items will be used to po

Re: How to Avoid the Form getting Submitted when User clicks the enter button

http // google enter submit form prevent From "Raghu.Ramakrishnan " <Raghu.Ramakrishnan@(protected) > Reply-To "Struts Users Mailing List " <struts

How to Avoid the Form getting Submitted when User clicks the enter button on the

Hi I would be obliged if some one could help me with this 1) How to Avoid the Form getting Submitted when User clicks the enter button on the Keyboard using the Struts Frame work o

Subject: validation mask for currency

Hi I need a regular expression for checking the dollar among inputed by user (using validator struts 1.1 mask) Here are some valid money (comma and period are allowed in specify location) 432 34

Subject: browse for a directory

I 'd like to let users write a collection of files to the directory of their choosing. Is there a form tag that allows browsing for a directory? The html file tag lets you browse to a file but not a di

Subject: Vertical Checkboxes..

Hello Everyone I have a situation where I 'm displaying fields in the JSP by iterating through a Vector of an object (let 's call it A)- in a table format. At the beginning of each table row (which i

Subject: RE: J2EE certified

I 'll certify it for $1000.... -----Original Message----- From Mohd Amin Mohd Din [mailto amind@(protected)] Sent Wednesday August 13 2003 12 02 PM To struts-user@(protected) Subject J2EE

Recall: Some questions for you guys...

Edgar Dollin would like to recall the message "Some questions for you guys... ".

Getting values from a Flash form

I have a login panel created in Flash that allows a user to enter their email address. Does anyone know how I can capture the email address in my JSP from the login panel so I can validate the user l

How to display error message coming from DynaValidatorForm?

I would like to display error message coming from my DynaValidatorForm. </html error > doesn 't work. <html form action "/project " > <table width "45% " border "0 " > <tr > <td > <bean message key "pro

Dynamically generating Action Forms

Hello Does anyone know if there is a way of generating an Action form from the resultset 's column metadata? I have a jsp that allows the user to enter SQL statements. I do not know what thier que

MVC2 way to stick a collection in page scope?

Hi All I have my index page and want a blog on it. Blog entries are in a table and I have all the db query side sorted out. What I want to know is the best practice way of making a DAO which c

Dynamic Forward

Hello All I have a web page with multiple line items and radio buttons against each of them. Based on which radio button the user selects I need to forward the user to the appropriate jsp. Is it poss

difference between dispatchAction and Action class.

What the pros and cons of using different Action class instead of one dispatchAction class ? TIA Deepak

Subject: DynaValidatorForm problem

I m using DynaValidatorFrom And in my JSP i used this line for debugging ! <% ! out.println(((org.apache.struts.action.DynaActionForm) ! (request.getSession( ) !

Subject: Posting multi record form

I am wanting to post a form which has a varying number of records. Each record is the same. E.g. Field1 Field2 Field3 is a record and the form consists of x number of these records. How should the

Registration and action mappings

I have a registration wizard. In each JSP member of this wizard I have a <html form action "/ " >. <action name "signupForm " type "web.SignupAction " validate "false " parameter "method " scope

AW: Including header and footer

This works but you should have a look on tiles in Struts1.1. They are doing exactly this. -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- Von Kommineni Sateesh (IndSys) [mailto Sateesh.Kommineni@(protected)]

Subject: Including header and footer

Hi Does including a Header and footer in JSP pages using <%include file "header.jspi "% > will cause any problems .. I tried including a header file and for the image paths in the Header

Subject: Handling session timeouts

Hi How do I handle session timeouts with struts? Currently it throws exceptions because beans and forms are no longer available? I have tried placing code in the a custom request processor -- prepr

Log4j Warnings

Hi I 'm getting log4j warnings aftering moving to struts 1.1 log4j WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.apache.struts.util.Proper tyMessageResources). log4j WARN Please initialize the

bean 'xxxx ' already defined in Orion

how can make my app work in orion when i need a variable in to be defined using iterate. here 's my JSP. <logic iterate id "policyinfo " offset "offsetA " length "length " name "person " property

Code of a method longer than 65535 bytes

Hi Inside a form I have 2 address blocks - each with a selection of countries. This is more that 64K chars inside the <html-el form... > Any ideas how to get around this? thanks - dave

why no <html:option property=...

Hi Wouldn 't it be useful if you could do <html option property "value and text "/ > Instead of <html option value "today " >today </html option >

two-step container managed authentication

The way CMA works the auth happens completely transparently. That is auth happens before your app even sees the HttpRequest. If you want to do a second auth-like thing with that request the you 'd

OT: J2EE certified

Simple question is there or is there not a certification for a J2EE web app? Struts question I 'm getting this error nothing else. In tomcat there 's the Servlet action is currently unavailable er
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