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html:select 1.2.9

I am trying to maintain which item was selected in a html select dropdown that is not "multiple " after the validation occurs in the Form and I need to return to the jsp because something was missing.

Subject: download struts 2.0.3 version

Hi all I have three questions 1 - As I 'm facing few problems with the 2.0.1 version of struts i would like to know how/where to download the 2.0.3 release. 2 - Don said it there will be a release

Design within struts

What is the general approach in creating action classes for Struts. At the moment any given project that I work on seems to have pretty close to one new Action class for each page. If the page is at

Subject: Tag select have problems

Hi everyone I got last version Struts 2.0.3 today and updated now my application but one page is gone wrong. In this page I have the code <s select name "filtroRegiao " list "todasRegioes " listKey

Struts 2 Reference notes, guides/tutorial and justification

Hi all It seems there 's been a major change form struts 1.2.x to struts 2x and the way it will be utilized or implemented by struts developers when building web applications. From what I can

2.0.4 vx 2.1.0

What 's the difference of versions 2.0.4 and 2.1.0? http // //// /Andr? Faria/ //////

Struts Dependency Injection and EJB3 - support ? or how can i Do it?

Hello I am trying to find a way of calling efficienlty from Struts Actions - > SLSBs EJB3. I have made a question before. - Doing JNDI calls all the time through every action works though its a ver

which one is better : jstl core tag V/s struts tags (logic)

I have jsp 's that uses jstl core tags to iterate through beans and display the values in html i am converting my application to struts. should i also replace the jstl core tags with struts logic tags

Hands-On Flex Session in Moutain View, CA on Feb 7th

I 'm guessing there are a fair number of Java web developer from Silicon Valley on this list. So I thought this was worth sharing here. Although the primary topic is Flex it is being discussed in the

Forms with map of beans with lists of beans...

...I think I stopped at the right place in the subject. I have a map of beans the beans have a list of other different beans. I 'm struggling to make this work with the auto-type conversions (various

WAS 6 error when deplyoing a struts application.

Hi All I am getting this error when i try to access some actions in a struts based web application that is running on WSA6. does anybody have any idea about this error?.. SRVE0068E Could not inv

Why is struts2 called struts2 and not webworks2?

Hi as far as I see struts2 has very little to do with struts1. Why is it called struts2 at all (and not webworks2)? Zsolt

Subject: S:Select Problem

/the tag s select dont select the right index if the keyValue is an Integer insted primitive int... Regards Andr? Faria /

question about controlling display with css_xhtml theme and errors

So I 'm working on my first S2 application and enjoying a lot of the things which always looked pretty cool about WebWork. However I 'm doing client side validation with s form and the "css_xhtml " th

nested:select to logic:iterate or nested:iterate

Hello gurus.... I have struts tag in my jsp which displays HTML select option box with selected (a String array in the bean) <nested select property ' <% dataFrom+ "Bean.prdIdsList "% > ' multiple

Subject: Format a number in a input

How can format a number in a input text? <s input .... Should I use <fmt ?

Targeting a link to open in a <s:div theme= "ajax " box ?

Hi everybody My new dilema is I have created my "own " ajax widgets by putting <s div theme "ajax " in a struts 2 tabbedPanel. This allows to refresh its content and works fine. I want to put links

OWASP standards

Hello Are there any Java frameworks or Java Utility projects which comply to OWASP standards in terms of data validation etc. Please share if you know of any such frameworks Thank you Gnan

AW: Timed Java Script Request & Struts?

I 'm Using Struts 1.x. So if there is no guaranteed reload of the page there is no way to implement a timer? Meaning I would have to test validity prior to each submitted request. o( -Pete > ----

Timed Java Script Request & Struts?

Hello in one of my endless attempts to fight the evil browser backward button mechanism I was thinging about this Can I make a periodic java script (ajax) request to determine when a user h

Stuck with Security related issues

Hi All I am stuck with 2 problems Problem 1 In my web-application (developed on struts and hibernate)I have 2 modules User Module http //localhost 8080/SaS/

combining chain of commands with struts action

hallo guys! I spent a lot of time trying to retrive a catalog from a struts action but i didn 't get results! ( Following the guidelines found in the jakarta commonsChain I did this defining a

JAVAWUG BOF 23 Video Available

Hi Just a quick announcement that JAVAWUG BOF 23 video is available from Google Video. This was an Open Space Technology discussion of Java Web and Enterprise Futures. http //

Struts - failure - apostrophe************

Hi Now everything is resolved except... I am trying to check the checkboxes of those challenge questions which are there already in the LDAP. JSP <logic iterate name "ChallengeQuestionForm " p

Using Message Resource Keys in Tiles Definitions

I know the following is not possible because the put tag does not have a key attribute but can the same result be achieved in another way? <definition name ".mainLayout " path "/layouts/mainLayout.js

How to get the property value in action

I have the following action mapping how to get the property value of myProperty in action? Thanks. <action path "/maintainMyProcess " name "maintainForm " type "com.....MaintainMyProcessAction " param

Passing parameters to a struts action in URL

Does anyone have an idea as to why this URL http //localhost 8080/Chisq/ edit&personid 1001 works in Firefox but not in IE6? In my action class I can see a personid in Firefox

<html:link forward= "search " > causing Exception in JSP

I 'm new to JSP and Struts. I 'm trying to learn from a book I bought but I 'm getting an error on my index.jsp page. Not sure what the problem is and I 've spent all day trying to figure it out. Any

Subject: Using DynaValidatorForm

Is this deprecated ? The reason why I 'm asking is that I want to use it in my application but I can 't seem to find a lot of articles on it. The guide on the Struts website is well written but besi

struts-config.xml question struts 1.3.5

hi i noticed something weird... in my struts-config.xml i had <action path "/addItem " name "addItemForm " type "com.qpm.usergen.action.AddItemAction " scope "request " validate "true " input "/pages/
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