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JSP editor plugin for eclipse ?
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Cannot retrieve definition for form bean null
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Where do I download Tomcat 4 0 6?
Data Access Object (DAO) pattern, example DAO 's
Where to download Tomcat v 4 1 24 from?
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Oracle Connection Pooling in 3 2 2
Servlet action is currently unavailable
Tomcat/Struts Unicode Encoding/Decoding problems
Subject: Running a Simple JMS Example
Tomcat and webapplication specific java library path
Mapping in workers2 properties
org apache jasper JasperException
problem with html:text bean throwing exception
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action MESSAGE
invalid direct reference problem with solution
Tool for jsp debug Try Sysdeo Eclipse Plugin
Tomcat 5 Cannot load JDBC driver class 'null ' SQL state: null
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5 0 18: Windows XP Pro vs Windows 2000
HTTP Status 404 The requested resource is not available
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PlexusContainer - missing jar?

I 'm getting the following class not found when starting up my web app. I tried to search the internet for the jar that has this class and couldnt ' find nothing. Anybody know if I 'm missing a jar o

newbie question...struts2, spring and jdbc

I am new to Struts Struts2 and Spring. (And maybe know too much about jdbc.) I have written my application with Struts2 and am only using Spring to manage my database connections. I have defined

getting servletContext in actions

Jeffrey You need to make sure your FactoryBean returns false for the isSingleton and you might want to add lazy-load as well. (I think singleton false implies lazy load but I 'm not sure) Tom On 1/

Issue with registering/lookup of converters in ConvertUtils

Hi Is there a problem with the registering/lookup of multiple converters in ConvertUtils on a single server instance? The issue I am facing is the interference of the converters registered by

Re: No getter method for property

--- Agust?n <agustin.gonzalez@(protected) > wrote > If I only have two methods the application runs > perfectly > > getNombre() > setNombre(String) That makes sense. > I don 't know why the appli

Validate multiple fields and show multiple messages

Rather annoying problem but I really don 't know how to fix it. I have a form with 3 fields on it. A field for UserName one for E-mailaddress and a checkbox. The username can 't be equal to a give

Using latest snapshots and getting a xwork error

Hello After upgrading my lib directory to have the following jars tiles-api-2.0-r488734-SNAPSHOT tiles-core-2.0-r488734-SNAPSHOT struts2-tiles-plugin-2.0.5-SNAPSHOT-20070131 struts2-core-2.0.5-SNA

getting servletContext in actions

Hi If i need to get a servletContext object in my action class is implementing the ServletContextAware interface the standard way of doing this? Is there any other alternatives? thanks Jeff

R: No getter method for property

Are you sure the class containg the methods "getNombre " is istanziated ? Marcello -----Messaggio originale----- Da Agust?n [mailto agustin.gonzalez@(protected)] Inviato mercoled? 31 gennaio 200

formatting money values with bean:write

Folks I am using " <bean write name "myBean " property "myBeanProperty " formatKey "global.moneyFormat "/ > global.moneyFormat is defined in the vanilla file as "# ##0.00

Struts 1.3.5 - Validate for "& " in mask validator

Hi Maybe this is more of a Regular Expressions question than struts but please help me if you can. I 'm using Mask validator in Struts 1.3.5 and I 'm not able to include "& " symbol in the regular exp


At first I thought there was only a 2.0.1 version of struts2 as its the only one listed "upfront " now I 've found 2.0.2 . . . 2.0.5. I 'm not really familiar with official versioning practices so m

Subject: cannot see s:datetimepicker

Hi I am using struts 1.0.4 now and I try to use the s datetimepicker i can see the tag label but not the datetimepicker itself... am i missing sth here? do I have to configure dojo explicitly to

Subject: multi part plugin

Hello. I 'm moving my application up to s2.04 ( from 2.0.1 ). I 'm getting an error from the struts filter that says it can 't find the pell mulit part request class. The odd thing is I have veri

Finding a URL of an Action within execute()

Hi List I 'm attempting to construct a URL within an action 's execute code. The URL will be sent out in an email serving as a link for a user to click on. It 'd be great if I could do this by fin

Tiles2 and Struts2

Hello After a few days fighting with Struts2 and Tiles2 I decided to ask in the mailing list does actually anybody managed to get them to work together? I tried different approaches 1 - Use a lis

Subject: keys, security on downloads

All I 'm an admitted security gumbie but I do have some questions regarding the download security mechanisms on the struts site. Note they are pretty much similar to those found on other simil

best possible design

All I need to enable role based access to my Struts-J2EE application. ie if a normal user logs in user should see one page whereas if a superuser logs in he should see another page. W

file upload causing param problems

Hi. I am having some strange problems when using the file upload interceptor. When I use the file upload I experience an extremely erratic behaviour where sometimes my request params get set on

Problem with formatting money amounts with bean:write formatKey=

Folks I am using " <bean write name "myBean " property "beanProperty " formatKey "global.moneyFormat "/ > global.moneyFormat is defined in the vanilla file as "# ##0.00 "

Wiki link?

Could someone point me at the link from the Struts home page to the wiki? I can still find it by clicking the Struts 1.2.9 links under Documentation but seems a bit tucked away... might it be better

Failure request.getAttribute();

Some weird things are happening here I have a form with a hidden field and a button. This button is placed on a page with some user information. I want to pass that users ID to the subsequent ac

Struts 1.3.5 - Radio Button validation

Hi all Can you please tell me whether I can validate a set of radio buttons so that atleast one of them is checked using the struts validation.xml? Is there a pre-defined validator method (like req

Struts 1.3.5 and URL Validation

Hi everyone I 'm using Struts version 1.3.5 and I intend to use URL validation for a field using the validation.xml file. But when I declare the field in validation.xml it does not validate the fi

Subject: Struts2: New life to IBM RAD?

IBM seems to have abandoned Struts (stuck at Struts 1.1 with no plans to support newer versions) on their RAD 6 IDE and later. They also strongly discourages replacing the Struts JAR files in RAD wi

File Upload Problem with large Files in struts2

hi i think it is a bug in the FilterDispatcher. I change the Method prepareDispatcherAndWrapRequest to this and now it works. Should i post it to a bug-report? is there such a thing? best regards

Getting the ip address in the Action

Hi community How can I get the client 's ip address on the action 's execute method? Thanks...

Subject: Building struts application

Hi How to build struts application using Maven 1.1? Can you show me some guidance? Thanks Sarav DISCLAIMER

Is it possible to join Struts Team?

Hi I just want to know if it is possible to join Struts2 Team. If (possible) { how() }else if( !possible){ willItBePossible() }

R: R: Error : request.getReader()

The reason i need the request body is that the action i should take is to analyze the html generated. (ie. syntax checking finding img without alt attributes reading meta-information ...). More th
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