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Subject: struts2 newbie question

Hi all I 'm building a non-essential app in struts2 to get my feet wet and ran into something right away. We make heavy use of LookupDispatchAction in struts1 and I 'm having trouble figuring out how

Subject: global forward in struts 2

Hi All Is there a way to set up a global forward in Struts 2 and set it to forward to a tiles def? Thanks Daniel

s:textfield tag breaking line in page

Hi All I`m using the tags textfield and password and I noticed it is creating a new <tr > element which positions the fields vertically. I need them horizontally so I`d like struts just to create th

Struts taglib HTML 4.01 compliance

I am using Struts taglib version 1.3.5 but I notice for LinkTag FormTag ReWriteTag the parameters in the querystring are being appended with the ampersand unencoded - this is leading to a validatio

Struts action call in a JS method returns blank page

Hi all I 'm honestly unsure if I 'm having a problem with Struts (sadly 1.1) or with Javascript or something else. But my best guess is it 's a Struts issue and anyway there are a lot of very kn

jsessionid appended to URL and page not found`

Hi All I have a link to a struts web application in one of existing website like start.jsp?cntry_cd US start.jsp is in struts application and contains the following line <jsp forward page "/setup.

Wanna Solution on Internationalization!!!!

Hi Expecting solution i m writing Login Form with Internationlization support.But as i Select Language it doesn 't reflect in Form Field.Pls Suggest ASAP <s form action "Login " > <s combobox nam

Error while running struts blank on Weblogic 8.1

Hello All I am facing a strange problem. I am trying to deploy and navigate to the welcome page of Struts blank application that comes with the struts binary distribution and I face the following er

Subject: how to specify ActionMapper

I added the following key value in my struts.mapper.class org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.mapper.DefaultActionMapper and my action is defined as follows <struts > <package nam


Hello I need to get the full string of my webapp ie http //localhost 8080/webapp/ so I can refer to it in other html tags. I see how I can use the bean write tag with the property of application.

how to get exception from the stack?

Hi All I`m using the exception mapping and I`d like to display the exception to the user but I don`t know how I can get the exception object from the stack as I saw from the docs they are avaiable

action tag namespace issue?

Hi I have the following on a JSP page <a href " <s url namespace "foo " action "sidebar "/ > " > Sidebar </a > <s action namespace "foo " name "sidebar " executeResult "true "/ > Namespace "foo " is define

Struts 1.x rollover scope (a.k.a. conversation scope or flash scope)

I uploaded a working example of rollover scope for Struts 1.x see wiki for some docs and for the sample app itself http // M.J.

problem working with the Spring plugin with Struts 2.0.3+

Hi All I 'm getting the following exception when using Struts 2.0.3+ (tested with 0.4 and 0.5). Looking at the XWork source code I could see this is being caused because the Spring Application Contex

Global-forwards with Tiles

Problem with using global forwards with tiles I have these two global forwards <global-forwards > <forward name "person " path "/ " / > <forward name "search " path ".search " / > </

setting values from Interceptor to Action

Hi all experts I 've the following problem I have an Interceptor whose goal is to check if the user is logged and do some controls. If the user is not logged the Interceptor returns to the login p

Struts Application Design Issue

Hi I am developing a Struts 1.1 based application to be deployed in Web Sphere Application Server 5.1. There is no login page in the application but I nee d to make sure that valid session exists

Struts2, tiles2 and character encoding problem

Hi I use struts2 and tiles2 in my web application. When my tiles result contains data with ?????? and I write the data using el the characters are not displayed correctly. If I write the data with

Subject: S2: static-parameters

Null beans are not being instantiated in the action on request. Where are static parameters such as CREATE_NULL_OBJECT set on the action?

s2 Select listValue with message bundle key

Hi Im trying to populate a select list with the select tag and would like the listValue to lookup a message in a resource bundle. Does anybody know if this is possible or do I have to populate my

Problems with Maven

I just added <repository > <id >apache.snapshots </id > <name >ASF Maven 2 Snapshot </name > <url >http // </url > </repository > <dependency >

struts2/dojo tree broken after upgrade struts 2.0.1 to 2.0.4?

(The 2.0.4 showcase tree is fine of course!) i 'm using a modified apppfuse 1.9.4 stack using struts 2.0.1 which I 've just upgraded to 2.0.4 it looks like everything is working ok except my use of th

bean:page bean:write

Hello I am trying understand how to use the bean page with the different properties application config response request session and I understand the simple syntax. What I dont know is what pro

Struts 2 Action Mapping - Redirect

Hey all I 'm using Struts 2 (version 2.0.2) in a simple web application running on Tomcat. I have a page to submit data and after the "saveData " method in my action class is called I 'd like to hav

Using DispatchAction and Struts Tiles

Does anyone know if these two can somehow be used together?

s:submit and 'method ' w/out 'action '

I 've been fiddling around with trying to get a submit button to invoke a specific method on my action using the 'method ' attribute <s form theme "css_xhtml " action "profile!save " > <s submi

encoding problems: UTF-8 vs ISO-8859-1

I seem to have a problem of consistency between UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 when it comes to accepting Strings in forms. Here 's how it goes * My application is intended to be entirely UTF-8 encoded the

Struts and Quartz

Hi all working with a struts application that I am trying to add quartz to but I am running into a slight snag. I can 't seem to get the scheduler to be recognized. I am trying to follow the followi

Multiple selections with an indexed field

I have a somewhat complicated form that I 'm trying to create using Struts. I actually have the form working but we need to make an enhancement that makes it even more complicated. I have tried googl

Subject: datetimepicker and dates

Hi I have been reporting some problems with conversion at the beginning of the year. There were problems with conversion when some actions/pages were invoked from the Opera browser. A bit strange bu
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