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zoning out on some basic LazyDynaMap usage for a text field property?

I swore I used to be able to do this stuff... maybe it 's Friday thing but regardless I 'm blanking on out on what I 'm doing wrong with this... I have an ActionForm that has one property right now


A single checkbox AFAIK only expects to check a single value not an array or collection. I would consider using a modified version of the checkboxlist tag if it 's just a matter of the rendered HTM

Exception when tying to display a 404 error page.

> This error page is defined in my web.xml > > <error-page > > <error-code >404 </error-code > > <location >/pages/errors/page404.jsp </location > > </error-page > You are using Tomcat web container.

ajax integration with struts

I would like to integrate ajax within a struts app but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

S2 Jasperreports plugin : passing exporter parameters

Hi What 's the optimal way to pass in extra parameters to customize report generation. For ex i want to show a paginated view of a report and need to set JRExporterParameter.PAGE_INDEX can this b

quickstart and date range validator

I modified the quickstart demo application by adding person.dateOfBirth and person.age to do some tests with the validators. I added a an intrange validator on the age and a daterangevalidator

Tomcat 6.0 + struts 1.1 = > are they compatible?

We have a web jsp project that we are upgrading to Tomcat 6.0. We have run into a few technical errors and so I 'm wondering whether or not there are any issues in moving a struts 1.1 project to Tom

How Many Methods Must an Action Walk Down (was Re: Annotation Validation, per me

On Nov 6 2007 8 10 PM Gary Affonso <glists2@(protected) > wrote > For some reason folks new to s2 seem to get it backwards and want to > stuff a bunch of Action methods into a single Action class

Javascript error on publish topic with IE

Hello I have a js function that publish a topic to refresh a s div. With Firfox it works fine. But with IE 6 the first time that I use this function I have a JS error Line 4872 Car 1 Error

how to create background process

Hi I need to implement file download functionality in struts application. when user submits a filedownload request FileProcessAction should delegate the download process to another t

struts2 + jaas on jboss...

Hi everybody! I have this problem - I could not manage to configure it to work together. Does someone happen to know how to do it? I appriciate any kind of information!! Initially I used the follo

Keep Objects over request

Hi all! I 'm looking for a convenience way to keep an Object over a single request. I know that i could put it into the session and remove it afterwards but is there another way to handle this wit

Multiple AJAX submit buttons in STRUTS 2

As part of my STRUTS 2 application i 'm trying to use the AJAX theme to give me 2 submit buttons within a Form that I can use to submit data to either different Actions or different Methods in the sam

Hibernate: one-to-many relation. Getting values

Hi. Im developing a web application at work using Struts2 Hibernate and Spring. I have two classes with a parent/child (PCB - BrgpInfo) relation and i make one JSP page to insert data to populate t

Struts2 Configutation alternative to sessions?

Hi All I 'm using struts 2 for a small web app that has an action attribute that needs to maintain state. Currently I 'm using sessions but I would like to reconfigure my application to use something b

S2: input by method for validations

I need to define a custom input for method in the same action. For example I have the "methodA " that receive the information from inputA.jsp I have "methodB " that receive from inputB.jsp I u

jsp pages cahces on struts

Odelya Glick wrote > I deleted the files under > TOMCAT_HOME\work\Cataline\localhost\myProjectName > > But is there a better way to never cache it? .jsp gets converted to .java which then gets com

Redirects - Dynamic Parameters

Hi A typical requirement in my webapps is to "redirect " to result pages after form submission. This is quite nicely described here http //

Restricting paths?

I have an action called MainMenu. It 's defined as follows <action name "MainMenu " class "mainMenuAction " > <result name "success " type "tiles " >mainMenu </result > </action >

Problem with Tiles decoration and struts2

Hi I am trying to get TilesDecorationFilter (http // to work with struts2.0.9 without any success. Can anyone please help me figure out where am I goin

Change updateFreq in a DIV

Ok I 've made some progress but now i 'm stuck. What I did was have a a div tag <s div id "myDivId " theme "ajax " href "%{url} " formId "frmMyForm " showLoadingText "false " updateFreq "5000 "

Validation Best Practices?

Tom I 've read this thread with great interest. Currently I 'm thinking about the validation problem as well. I looked at springmodule 's Bean validation framework. (https //

jsp pages cahces on struts

Hi I using tomcat 6 and developing an web application with struts. But it seems that the *.jsp page are being cached somewhere in the server. Because when I change something in the page it doesn 't

Storing XML file which keeps updating

Hi I was trying to store xml file which updates frequently. Here is what I was looking for. sample.xml is a file which keeps updating. I would like to store file upon changing. For example at

Extending the FreemarkerManager

I 'm doing this in struts.freemarker.manager.classname And Struts 2.0.x is definitely using my custom class. Could you try configuring that in

Login checking before processing any action/class

Hello For struts1 we use "doFilter " public void doFilter( ServletRequest req ServletResponse res FilterChain chain) throws IOException ServletException {

Jasper plugin. Passing additional parameter

Could someone provide the example how to pass parameters from Struts2 action to Jasper report? I have created simple Jasper report based on Struts tutorial. Then I had modified this example in ord

Annotation Validation, per method?

Can you have annotation validation per method? I have put @(protected) on both my display and update methods (display shows the record from input) but all of the validation seems to be run at once.

Write a thread to check database in web application

Hi I have to write a thread in web application which will check some values in database and then perform some function depending on the values. There wont be any user input and this thread should be

Re: Configuration problems...

My first assumption would still be a deployment problem obviously your container doesn 't think the class is where it 's supposed to be. d. --- Serge Mathieu <mathieu.serge@(protected) > wrote > Hi ev
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