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Different Annotated Validations for different action methods

Hey all I 'm trying to figure out how to validate my action methods differently. For example I 've got a modeldriven User bean with the following two annotated methods @(protected)(...) - processLog

Resolved! about linking two autocompleters using topics

Hi Jeromy Many thanks for your response! Jeromy Evans wrote > I don 't use dojo 's autocompleter myself but after a quick look at the > javascript source for the widget (ComboBox) I can see there '

Scrollbar problem with tabbed panel in Struts2

Hi All I have used the tabbed panel provided by Struts2. When the content within the current pane exceed the panel size scrollbar is shown as expected. However if I click on the tab-header of the

about linking two autocompleters using topics [never surrender :)]

hi I have been recently asking how to achieve that changing the value of autocompleter A triggers an Ajax reload of autocompleter B and make the only item returned as selected on B i.e. displayed i

Datagrid in Struts2

Hi All I am using Struts 2 and I wanna develop a datagrid as that provided in Struts Layout. I have couple of questions 1. Is that I can 't use Struts Layout in Struts 2? If it can be used? How to

DefaultObjectTypeDeterminer never invoked. Why??

I 've got a problem which I suspect depends on some issue with configuration. I have an Action-class public class ClassifyFieldsAction extends ActionSupport { private String templateGroup @

s:property escape attribute

- The s property tag escapes html markup characters which is very nice. - On the other hand it creates html character entities of non-ascii characters which is ugly and unnecessary as I already ha

problem with datetimepicker and locale

I have a web application localized with several languages (en fr es). My problem is the DataTimePicker display the calendar with the locale of the system (a French Windows the month is always wri

dynaactionform is getting null using struts tiles

Hi your help in this regard is very much appreciated. my strutus-config entry is <action path "/homePortalSelection " type "com.eurobenefits.mybenefits.view.actions.HomePorta

startup action in struts2

In struts1 I have a few plugin to preconfigure some services such as QuartzPlugIn during startup public void init(ActionServlet actionServlet ModuleConfig moduleConfig) {

FreeMarker Question

Thanks for the replies everyone but I found a solution. If anyone else is facing the same issue and finds this thread here is how I resolved public class CustomFreemarkerManager extends Freemark

Problem developing a tag using Struts 2 Arch for Tags

I am developing a tag see tag example below. This tag should produce a json object using the elements into the value stack. I need to know how to repeat the execution of the content in this case <j

Message Store + ExecAndWait Problem

I seem unable to persist messages to session using the Message Store interceptor ( "store ") in conjunction with the Execute and Wait interceptor. Here 's what the configuration looks like <action nam

how&where to use ConvertUtils.register

Hi everyone First excuse me for my english. So i have the following situation In one hand i have an actionForm (beoForm) with String fields wich one of them is dateOfCreation its type is str

autocompleter reload from json action ...

hi This is a follow up to my posts before "best choice for this use case ... ? " Now it works I get the two autocompleters connected and the JSON action generating the JSON result list properly tha

Struts 2 Dependencies

I have been reviewing the Reactor Dependency Convergence <http // > document and would like to know if there is a companion document that identifies req

best choice for this use case ... ?

hi I have the following use-case -I think should be pretty common- and would like to know what would be the best design choice - There is a form that contains an autocompleter field filled with a

localization issue for "it " extension

I tried using the example application (struts2-blank-2.0.11.war) and it working fine using and that is I getting the messages in the right language. I got t

about struts, xml and xslt

Good days people I need your help and experience. Could you recommend me some way to do some xslt work? Something as the tag xmlTemplate that has MyFaces in which you can provide the xml in brute an

New User - Problems with Validation

Hi I 'm very new to struts 2 and I am trying to use it on a project I am creating for one of my classes. The problem I am having is with the validation framework. The validation I have setup seems t

Struts tabbed panel

I am currently using Struts 2 with Ajax for Tabbed panel. I can create and ?load tabbedpanel showing a jsp page with a form for one of tabs. The form ?action "/some.action " is executed ok butthe

Error with DisplayTag in Struts application

Hi I am using DisplayTag in my Struts web application. Could You tell me please why a got such error in my class coled "Wraper " and how I can repair it ? I write my code in Ecplise 3.2.0. Error Th

Struts 2 tree tag question

put the box inside the iterate loop <html mutlibox id ... name ... value ' <bean write name "your record id "/ > ' > the actionform knows how many boxes being checked by the user. On 11/29/07 akash a

Unable to access resources

I get this error message when I try to access ANY of the resources in my app. The requested resource (/EcoSim/web/welcome.action) is not available. Here 's my setup

Unable to access resources

I get this error message when I try to access ANY of the resources in my app. The requested resource (/EcoSim/web/welcome.action) is not available. Here 's my setup

my execute method of action class is getting executed twice

Hi I am new in struts2. In my action class I declared some global fields and one execute method.This class extends another class which extends Actionsupport class. Now my execute method is getting

Get the list of all action names defined in struts.xml

Thanks for the help. It did point me in the good direction. Here is the answer RuntimeConfiguration runtimeConfiguration Dispatcher.getInstance().getConfigurationManager().getConfiguration().get

Exception raised while loading image in to application

i am loading the image from database(in data base i used colom type longraw) in to my application... in this image is loaded application sucessfully but i got this exception in applet viewer.i don '

Struts 2.0.11 localization issue

The request_local functionality is part of the Interceptor stack and so the request has to go through as a Struts Action. An ordinary JSP isn 't processed as a Action any more than a HTML page would

Tiles (Struts 1.3) standalone not working

--Forwarded Message Attachment--Date Fri 30 Nov 2007 20 44 02 +0100From antonio.petrelli@(protected) user@(protected) Re FW Tiles (Struts 1.3) standalone not working2007/11/30 Tod
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