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Struts & Hibernate
JSP editor plugin for eclipse ?
org apache jasper JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP
Tomcat: Connection reset by peer: socket write error
Cannot retrieve definition for form bean null
Struts Tiles Tutorial (free Struts training)
Where do I download Tomcat 4 0 6?
Data Access Object (DAO) pattern, example DAO 's
Where to download Tomcat v 4 1 24 from?
Tomcat 5 0 16 Requested resource not available
Subject: Servlet : Session invalidate
Oracle Connection Pooling in 3 2 2
Servlet action is currently unavailable
Tomcat/Struts Unicode Encoding/Decoding problems
Subject: Running a Simple JMS Example
Tomcat and webapplication specific java library path
Mapping in workers2 properties
org apache jasper JasperException
problem with html:text bean throwing exception
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action MESSAGE
invalid direct reference problem with solution
Tool for jsp debug Try Sysdeo Eclipse Plugin
Tomcat 5 Cannot load JDBC driver class 'null ' SQL state: null
weblogic ejbc
java properties file
Jboss 3 2 3 Coyote Can 't re
Tomcat 5, Apache2 and mod jk2 integration problem
JBoss example problem new to J2EE
Value attribute of <html:checkbox
url string for connecting jboss to oracle
javax servlet ServletException: BeanUtils populate
5 0 18: Windows XP Pro vs Windows 2000
HTTP Status 404 The requested resource is not available
J2EE Pattern
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Where is Processor interface defined? ( Example 7.1 Implementing a Filter - Debu

Hello All I 'm new to this list and JavaEE Filters and was trying to learn about Filters from here http // The article is w

Islam Azaz is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 04/19/2007 and will not return until 05/02/2007. I will have limited access to my mail.

Automated Method Test (AMT) Pattern

A first-cut definition for the "Automated Method Testing " pattern utilizes the "Core J2EE Patterns " format. If you have not been exposed to AMT - I 'd appreciate any feedback on this definition that v

Survey about Architecture and Design Patterns

Dear software practitioners consultants and researchers we are currently conducting an international survey about architecture and design patterns. Our goal is to discover how familiar people are

Subscription probe for J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST - please ignore

Wed 10 Jan 2007 06 00 05 This message is a "probe " for your subscription to the J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST list. You do not need to take any action to remain subscribed to the list

Mike Kisker is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 11/02/2006 and will not return until 11/12/2006. I will respond to your message when I return.

Code sample for DAO Pattern ReadOnlyRowSet & RowSetWrapperList Strategies

Hi All I am looking for code example(complete) showing the implementation of 1) ReadOnlyRowSet strategy of the DAO pattern. 2) "Cursor " implementation of the RowSetWrapperList strategy. I really

Propsed Pattern : Adaptation Pattern

Pattern Colleagues This email marks an assertion of the "discovery " of a new pattern - the "Adaptation Pattern ". The key pattern characteristic is the stipulation of wrapping best-in-class technolo

how to send " 'INDEX J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST " command, please help me .

Hi everyone. The message "You can get a list of the available archive files by sending an 'INDEX J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST ' command to LISTSERV@(protected) " tells me how to get t

J2EE Exception Handling Framework

Hi Has anyone come across any exception handling framework specific for J2EE apps before? I try to search around for any general ones but to no avail. I 've heard of Patch Framework any others? 2 of

Context Object

Hi We use ContextObjects in our application as described in Core J2ee patterns. We use the Request Context Map strategy. The RequestContext has validation support. We have implemented it by having


Hi all I have one query hope you will understood and send me soln ASAP... I want to open an indexed .pdf file at run time in jsp Which method I used. Note that the code is written in .jsp the

Refactor something that 's not quite a Template pattern

Can anyone point me to a good way to refactor this? Currently these two methods do exactly the same thing except they use a different param as the obj key ( lListKey ) and if it 's not found in the c

File Event Pattern

I have a design issue that I was hoping that this list could assist me with I need to create a File Event Handler. The basic requirements are - Detect the arrival of a file on a particular p

Mother 's Day Special : TestUtil v. 2.0

TestUtil v. 2.0 is released coinciding with Mother?s Day. So what is the connection? For those practitioner?s of automated method testing ? fewer lines of custom unit test coding translate to (poten

Subject: Categorizing patterns?

The book "core j2ee patterns " lists a couple of pattern categories. designpatterns architectual patterns analysis patterns creational structual behavioal I know the meaning of the ones from GoF (cre

TO pattern

I was going thru the code for the MutableOrdersTO. This is the TO pattern and I was wondering why MutableOrdersTO is static? Other than the fact that it can be instantiated using new OrdersTO.Mutabl

Pattern EJB Command is still good for Web Services?

Hi all We found EJB Command Pattern in the book "EJB Design Pattern " whose soft copy is available in it 's quite good for the EJB Design. But when the application evolve to Web S

Can you suggest a suitable pattern?

Design Issue Motivation There are as many as 37 config items each config item has different fields and each field entry has different set of validation rules. The config items are sequentially arr

Business Delegate and Web Services

Hi list. Briefly our architecture follows Business Delegate - > Session Fa?ade - > Business Object - > DAO - > DB Our Use Cases are implemented in the BusinessObject layer. The problem We have to

MVC Model 1: Dispatcher View: Java

We are putting together a MVC Model 1 Dispatcher View reference implementation. Having used MVC Model 2 for many years I 'm not up-to- speed on the nuances of a solid Model 1 design. After Googling a

A query

Hi All I need to create a design for a particular task i have some what decided upon the DP would like to know your comments. The tasks is to migrate data from a file to a DB destination is an

CFP for PLoP 2006

Call for papers for Pattern Languages of Programming 2006. To be held in Portland Oregon October 21-23 in conjunction with OOPSLA '06. The purpose of PloP is to promote development of pattern langu

Let 's share photos

Justin wants to share photos with you. Get Justin 's latest photos in your email http // 81955954x983491&homeEmail An&lastName inte

Regarding Review.

Hi Please include me in the reviewers list. Thanks Rahul

Re reviewers wanted for patterns module

Thank you very much for your infomation. I would like to be counted in. Thanks again Regards Zhen Don Morgan - DeveloperAdvantage <don@(protected) > ?????? Hi

RES: reviewers wanted for patterns module

Hello I am interested in reviewing. Regards Davi _____ De An interest list for Sun Java Center J2EE Pattern Catalog [mailto J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST@(protected)] Em nome de Don Morgan

reviewers wanted for patterns module

Hi We are looking for more reviewers for our unique audio training module on J2EE Patterns. If you are interested in reviewing and providing feedback please send me an email and I will send you

Win an iPod from Sun

Want to win an iPod? Share with us your experience and observation in using the Sun Java System Application Server. The more details you share the better your chances of winning a 20GB iPod. Just c

Subject: Various J2EE Frameworks

Hi I am not sure if the question is for this forum. I was wondering if anyone would be knowing any pointers to the various existing J2EE Frameworks. Am trying to assimilate the pros and
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