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JSP editor plugin for eclipse ?
org apache jasper JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP
Tomcat: Connection reset by peer: socket write error
Cannot retrieve definition for form bean null
Struts Tiles Tutorial (free Struts training)
Where do I download Tomcat 4 0 6?
Data Access Object (DAO) pattern, example DAO 's
Where to download Tomcat v 4 1 24 from?
Tomcat 5 0 16 Requested resource not available
Subject: Servlet : Session invalidate
Oracle Connection Pooling in 3 2 2
Servlet action is currently unavailable
Tomcat/Struts Unicode Encoding/Decoding problems
Subject: Running a Simple JMS Example
Tomcat and webapplication specific java library path
Mapping in workers2 properties
org apache jasper JasperException
problem with html:text bean throwing exception
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action MESSAGE
invalid direct reference problem with solution
Tool for jsp debug Try Sysdeo Eclipse Plugin
Tomcat 5 Cannot load JDBC driver class 'null ' SQL state: null
weblogic ejbc
java properties file
Jboss 3 2 3 Coyote Can 't re
Tomcat 5, Apache2 and mod jk2 integration problem
JBoss example problem new to J2EE
Value attribute of <html:checkbox
url string for connecting jboss to oracle
javax servlet ServletException: BeanUtils populate
5 0 18: Windows XP Pro vs Windows 2000
HTTP Status 404 The requested resource is not available
J2EE Pattern
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a good link to begin Design pattern

Hi folks I am new to Design pattern and I 'd like to find a good link for beginning Design Pattern. Thanks samba.kamara@(protected) Kamara Samba

Project Design

Hi All We have got a new requirement to design an Inventory Control System. Because of the time constraints we think it will be difficult for us to evaluate various design and methodologies. Are t

Subject: Persistence with JDBC ???

Hi everybody I 'm migrating a legacy system from pl/sql to J2EE. Initially i had to use an implementation of JDO but after trying to translate lots of query without getting a good performance and in

Using Factory

Hi I use three databases and so I am using Factory pattern for Data Access Objects.Is there anyway to optimize the below code while getting datasource. class Factory{ public static MySqlFactory myS

Subject: InitialContext in singleton

Hi I have a question. Could anyone please answer me? Can I have a initialcontext (declared as member variable) in SIngleton class as static?Will it be thread safe? Ex private javax.naming.Context ctx

Singleton pattern

Hi Is the below singleton pattern thread safe. public class Singleton { private static Singleton singleton public synchronized static Singleton getInstance() throws { if(singleton null) { si

Keel Framework

Hi Has anyone heard of Keel Framework? http // Does anyone knows what are the differences of Keel compared to Spring Framework? Is there any other J2EE Application Fra

Heavy JavaBean (FormBean) > > Session scope > > Performance

Hi Guys I would like to know the effect of adding a heavy form bean in session scope of a JSP. Heavy bean means lets assume around 200 fields of data type String is in the bean. We are thinking of


Hi I am creating a birthday calendar of all my friends and family. Can you please click on the link below to enter your birthday for me. http //

DAO Design

Hi I have a question regarding design of DAO. In our project we are creating customer profiles. We have modeled profile like this class Profile { Name name List <Address > addressList List <

PLoP reminder

Registration is now open for the 12th Pattern Languages of Programming (PLoP) Conference. September 7th through 10th Allerton Park in Monticello IL. http //

Subject: Object Synchronization in DAO

Imagine the situation from client side of DAO Design Pattern class User { String name int userID ... } ... User user UserDAO.findUser(UserID) user.setName( "Johny ") UserDAO.updateUser(user)


<html > <div style 'background-color ' > <DIV class RTE > <P > <BR > <BR > </P > <BR >unsubscribe </DIV > </div > </html >

Accessing SSL WebServer with Desktop Application

Hi All My application demands a desktop application to use an application (probably a servlet or a webservice) from a webserver using secure channels so that the data which is an XML file is se

Subject: Please suggest a patterm

hi I am designing a web app/ Its supposed to have 500 concurrent users. 1. Module- Login The users login using their uid/password and see the stuff in their database I am planning to use Struts js

Hao J. Fu is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 07/05/2005 and will not return until 07/11/2005. I will respond to your message when I return.

Command Pattern in FrontController and ApplicationController

Hi Both Front and ApplicationController patterns are illustrated to use Command patterns for request handlers. That design is clear and it follows 'Single Responsibility Principle ". But I have s

Pattern for Logging userid using Log4J

Hi We use Log4J and JBoss 3.2.5 Appserver for our application. I am looking for a design pattern to log the userid in all the Log4J log messages. I know we can pass the parameter for log messag

Subject: any security access pattern?

Hi everybody I 'm developing a web application based on Struts and JDO. I 'm using container authentication but I need another mechanism to control the access to some sections of the pages. I have

sockets Vs RMI

We are developing a stock exchange application with thick swing client - server architecture. we need to finalize the protocol between client and server (Sockets or RMI). Actually some of the


Hello I would like to know what will be a good way to implement the following We have many read only tables in the database. I was thinking rather than doing a select all from the table all th

jms provider

Just wondering if anyone has or knows of an open source mock JMS provider. I 'm testing with mock objects patterns and would like a JMS provider that did nothing except be a placeholder for the JMS

Unit Testing BOs, TOs (Getters & Setters)

I 'm interested in best practices around automated unit testing of getters and setters for organizations that strive for near 100% code coverage and are using core patterns including BOs and TOs.

Deployment descriptor "web.xml " is malformed error

Hi All I am getting following error while deploying application in WL8.1sp3 as part of migration from 6.1sp4. I apology if this posting is not relavant here. Pleas help me or let me know wher

Network call

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From Ranjeeth kumar <ranju1973@(protected) > Date May 19 2005 5 01 PM Subject Network call To J2EE-INTEREST@(protected) 2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST@(protected)

Subject: Link from Leela Manoranjan

<html > <body > <TABLE BORDER "0 " CELLSPACING "0 " CELLPADDING "00 " WIDTH "450 " > <TR > <TD BGCOLOR "#FFC8F2 " >  </td > <TD BGCOLOR "#F4DCFE " >  </td > <TD BGCOLOR "#FFEEFD " >&

Decission to select the right configuration

All- Below is the scenario. 1.User performs for the operation on the screen 2.Data inserted into the transactional database 3.Along with db insert it also inserts certain data into a JMS queue 4.

ModelManager class - I am seeing this class in Java pet store implementation. whats it doing ? whats the purpose of this class ?

DAO - question about

Hi I am thinking about using DAO for our project for doing database calls and transactions. While we implement this pattern shall I need to use factory pattern ? I was reading in Core J2Ee patt


All We r converting a client/server app to websphere based web application. In our client/server application we have tons of shell scripts c files and java programs which used threads. Whats th
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