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JSP editor plugin for eclipse ?
org apache jasper JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP
Tomcat: Connection reset by peer: socket write error
Cannot retrieve definition for form bean null
Struts Tiles Tutorial (free Struts training)
Where do I download Tomcat 4 0 6?
Data Access Object (DAO) pattern, example DAO 's
Where to download Tomcat v 4 1 24 from?
Tomcat 5 0 16 Requested resource not available
Subject: Servlet : Session invalidate
Oracle Connection Pooling in 3 2 2
Servlet action is currently unavailable
Tomcat/Struts Unicode Encoding/Decoding problems
Subject: Running a Simple JMS Example
Tomcat and webapplication specific java library path
Mapping in workers2 properties
org apache jasper JasperException
problem with html:text bean throwing exception
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action
Cannot find message resources under key org apache struts action MESSAGE
invalid direct reference problem with solution
Tool for jsp debug Try Sysdeo Eclipse Plugin
Tomcat 5 Cannot load JDBC driver class 'null ' SQL state: null
weblogic ejbc
java properties file
Jboss 3 2 3 Coyote Can 't re
Tomcat 5, Apache2 and mod jk2 integration problem
JBoss example problem new to J2EE
Value attribute of <html:checkbox
url string for connecting jboss to oracle
javax servlet ServletException: BeanUtils populate
5 0 18: Windows XP Pro vs Windows 2000
HTTP Status 404 The requested resource is not available
J2EE Pattern
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RES: Design issue for MDB and JDBCs

IMHO if you don?t have any requirements regarding transaction decoupling from getting the message and updating the database you could encapsulate the data processing in a POJO (that would in turn

Subject: Flyweight vs Value Object

Can any one highlight me pros & cons of Flyweight vs Value Object paatern. As per my understanding Flyweight calls for dividing the result or their transfer across n/w in smaller bunched to avoid ov

Design issue for MDB and JDBCs

I 've got a design issue. Should I make JDBC calls on the MDBs or 'outsourced ' it to a Stateless Session Beans? You see the code has public void ejbCreate() throws CreateException {

Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sr._Software_Architect_=96_J2EE/Java_?= Specialist (Seattle)

Fast growing mid-cap Software company is adding three Lead Developer / Software Architect positions to its Seattle area office. Responsible for design and development of large scale distributed ap

OT2004 Call for papers

*** This is a conference call-for-papers. If you are not interested then please delete this now and apologies for sending you unwanted email.*** As an interested reader and occasional poster to t


Hi Sorry for the off-topic question. I am facing some problems with TIBCO. Has anyone worked on TIBCO? If anyone knows about discussion forums for TIBCO then please let me know. Thanks Vais

Weblogic 7.0 working with MQSeries 5.2

Dear people WL seems to have a doc which claims that they could do container transaction for foreign JMS Providers (like MQ) which supports XA. Does anyone know whether MQSeries 5.2 does this?

Use Case estimation

hi Please excuse for send off topic mail. I need help on UseCase estimation. Can anybody send the pointer urls mailing lists for this. Regd Ashwani

Subject: Diff between Servlet and EJB

Hi can Any body give the details information about diff. between Servlet and EJB. Regards Bipin DISCLAIMER Information contained and transmitted by this E-MAIL is proprietary to Ma

Connection Pool

Hello Everyone I know that this is the wrong forum to ask this question but I need this help very deliberately. I am using Websphere Application Server 4.0 with a Oracle Connection Pool. The WAS

Service Locator for versioned services

Good morning people. I 'm hoping that some of you can help stimulate ideas in my mind with regards the Service Locator. After writing an initial application which was all contained in one large e


Actually this is not a pattern question. My requirment is when a request comes to servelet/JSP. A servlet generates a HTML string. Before the response is pushed to the client i need som po

Work flow patterns

Hi all I am looking for some work flow patterns specifically for the view. Could you point me in the right direction? Regards Joshua

When will new edition be posted

Any news on when the patterns site will be updated to reflect the new patterns? The only new information I have been able to find is at http //

Data Access Object (DAO) pattern, example DAO 's

The DAO pattern is described here http // I created some example DAO 's http // http //

BMP or CMP ?

Are there any guiding principles/rules of thumb to determine which persistence strategy to use for Entity Beans. So far we (my team) have relied extensively upon BMP to persist our Entity Bea


1. What can be a best implementation of singleton pattern? 2.Also is there any means coming to your mind so that we can restrict a class to sigleton across different classloaders.As each classloa

Statefule Session Bean instead of HttpSession

Good day! I would like to ask how maintain the session id returned from creating a stateful session bean (instead of HttpSession) in Http requests? Do I always have to set it as parameter in eve

Subject: where to put the schedular

Hello friends This may not be the right forum to ask this question. But I couldn 't find the appropriate forum. I have requirement wherein I will have to run 2 types of schedulers. I am using

Pattern in servlet?

Hi Can any one suggest me a pattern to handle situation - I have condition that my service method in servlet takes a long time to complete & I want to handle the situation wherein the administra

Subject: which framework to use

I need to start building a new web based project I am kind of confused on which framework to use. Here are some of the points that I am currently pondering on. * Struts 1.1 proven very

list of new patterns

Hi Can anybody give me the list of new patterns emerged recently Cheers Ashwani Kalra http // <http // >

Handling form fields across multiple jsp 's

I have a question on handling form fields across multiple jsp 's... My design requirements are like this There are some 10 jsp 's and i have to track the user inputs from 1st jsp to 9 th jsp an

Subject: Global transaction problem...

hi I have a doubt w.r.t the global transaction problem in ejb I have a method pointing to a schema in a session bean As i loop through this resultset i am invoking another method that point

Subject: Pattern BusinessDeligation

Hi All When implementing business deligation in J2EE Application where my jar of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB 's) will be deployed in one system and my war file will be deployed in other system where

Autoreply: 2 simple eval/test questions

I 'm out of office until 11/8/03 please contact Syn peck khay for official matter. This e-mail is intended only for the named addressee(s) and may contain confidential and/or privileged informati

Subject: 2 simple eval/test questions

Hi guys I 've got 2 simple self eval quesion which I 'm not sure of the answers. Can you guys help please Q1. Which statement is true about statefull session beans but is NOT true about state


Hi One offline help needed urgently. Can anybody send me jsse.jar in which HostnameVerifier class included or give me link from where i can download this file. I tried to search on google b

Connection Error

Hi I have a problem associated with Java-DB2. Though it is irrelevant to ask this kind of doubt in this forum. But this is the only forum I have subscribed to. Hence I am putting the question to y

Subject: JDBC Transaction Management

Hi All Could someone suggest on an JDBC transaction management sample codes. Thanks
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