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JSP editor plugin for eclipse ?
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J2EE Pattern
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Exception Handling in J2EE project

Hi All What is the best Hierarcy (framework) for handling exceptions in a J2EE project. I am thinking of some roughly the following Hierarcy consisting broadly of three categories

Component Diagrams

Hi guys I do not know if this is the right group to ask this. I have a problem in showing the dependencies between a connectionPool tables and objects/classes. That is do I show the connection on a

Subject: About JDBC connection retries

Hello We are facing a situation with respect to our WebSphere App using JDBC to connect to an Oracle Database instance. The Driver installation / DB URL string is not an issue because when va

Exception on invoking remove() on CMP EJB in WAS 5.

Hello Thanks for your help the error disappeared since we installed the WAS 5.0.2 fix pack. The WAS version we were previously using was 5.0. Thanks & Regards Vikram Naik. -----O

Testing Methodology & Testing Tool for J2EE Application

Dear ALL We are on the process of Re-Engineering of our mission critical financial product from MS based middle tier to J2EE platform also we are migrating back end database from Oracle to DB2( C

Would the performance come down by a using lot of business objects?

Hi All I am having a scenario in which a business function can be performed in several ways depending upon some constraints. Maintainability is an element of importance for the system to be devel

Value List Handler pattern (Data List Handler)

? "Value List Handler " pattern ? http // ml ? ? "DataListHandler " pattern ? http //

How store java.sql.Connection in Statefull SessionBean ?

Hi all I deal with an old J2EE container (OAS) EJB 1.0 specs compliant which allows to create only statefull Session Beans. I tried to create a simple application where each session bean holds i

inbound vs outbound adapter (ActionAdapter, WorkAdapte - Web Worker pattern)

Hello Could you point the difference between an inbound and outbound adapter. ( in the last paragrapgh(about Web Worker pattern) of Core J2EE Patterns book it is written that Action Adapter is an

Subject: Page by Page Iterator

Hi all Some questions regarding the page by page iterator pattern. I learnt how this patterns works looking at the petstore application. Then I tried to search on google a full description of

Can java.util.Timer & TimerTask be used within ejb container?

Hi All As J2ee1.4 having not been released and its TimerService cann 't be used at this moment I have thought use java.util.Timer & TimerTask for our timer related tasks. I wonder if java.u

AW: Cactus Plug-In for Eclipse.

Hi Rajesh http // regards philip -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht----- Von Rajesh Kamarajugadda [mailto Rajesh.Kamarajugadda@(protected)] Ge

Subject: Cactus Plug-In for Eclipse.

Hello All Can anyone tell me the location from which I can download Cactus Plug-In for Eclipse. Thanks in advance Rajesh.

ServiceLocator and environment references.

Hello all I am quite new to J2EE and have been using the ServiceLocator pattern based on the example code provided in the 2nd Edition. While I am aware that example code is just that I would li

Kamal Krishna Bhatt/IAS is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 13/11/2003 and will not return until 13/12/2003. I will respond to your message when I return.

Cascade Update !

I would like to cascade update thru Entity Beans Is it possible to do thru Entity Beans? If so how? If not why? Thanks in advance. Regards Akula

Printer Option

Hi I have a requirement with selecting printer (From set of printers) from J2ee application Is there any third party tool which is providing this facility to integrate with any J2ee Application?.

EJB Versioning

I would like to be able to deploy multiple versions of an EJB and have multiple clients select the version that want to use. For example I would like to deploy version 1.0 of Bean1 and versi

Subject: Set transaction problem

When i run my j2ee application sometimes i get the following error EXCEPTION userAccessExp java.sql.SQLException ORA-01453 SET TRANSACTION must be first statement of transaction Can anybody h

Accessing Different DBs from State less EJB

<html > <div style 'background-color ' > <DIV > <P >Anil </P > <P >you must implement it usaing the abstract  factory pattern. </P > <P >the  pattern looks like the following class diagram </P > <P > <I

Accessing Different DBs from State less EJB

Hi I had a Stateless session Bean and DAO to access 4 databases. But as per my requirement I have to get data from different databases one after other in EJB. I am getting data from First DB t


Hi All! Our application characterized by a massive read while a bit of write functions. Note a data structure of each object is big lists of different data. If somebody can suggest a pattern

Subject: Configurable application

Hi All- I am developing an application with following features There are certain functionalities need to be performed for each category identified. Within the functionality it has following

A matter of memory

Hi All I 'v adopted the Petstore EJBController pattern for our application. I make a little modification that I change EJBController from stateful session bean to stateless due to no need for

Servicing non-HTTP Sockets in a J2EE environment

Hi Andrea Almost exactly one year on I have exactly the same scenario. I need to supply proprietary protocols into and out of my J2EE server on various TCP server and client ports. (This is af

J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST Digest - 17 Oct 2003 to 18 Oct 2003 (#2003-64)

Come on David! I was asking for experience/knowdlege sure I now how to use google. Please respect this list. Samuel. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 On Fri 17 Oct 2003

Real Time computing and patterns

Hi! could any body point me design patterns/best practices when developing a real time system? is it such information? It would be a great plus if some one could point me what java technologies

Can different clients access one same stateful session bean?

Hi Image a scenario like this there is a client C1 accessing a stateful bean SB. C1 does some operations on SB and then C1 sends an event to another client C2 the remote ojb reference of

Best book for J2EE/EJB design patterns

hi I am an experienced JSP developer & learning EJB. What is the best book for J2EE/EJB design patterns?. It will be very useful to me. Thanks Dhanasekar.

Is stateless session bean remote object reference cacheable??

Hi I know that the stateful session bean remote object reference can be cached in the web tier session for maintaining conversation state. I wonder if a stateless bean 's remote object referenc
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