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J2EE Pattern
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Recognising j2ee patterns through the j2ee management model

Sorry should have read that back before posting... ...should have written Are these component types considered to be not worth managing (I hope NOT) or is it that we don 't know how to specif

Recognising j2ee patterns through the j2ee management model

Having recently digested the second addition of Core J2EE Patterns I 'm wondering if the JSR-77 J2EE Management Information Model will be extended to support/give visibility of such items as Intercepti

Subject: Application Service Pattern

Hi Do you have a sample code of the Application Service Pattern? Thanks Kelli

App controller & diffr client types

I have a question regarding some reading I have been doing in "Core J2EE Patterns " and thought this group might be a good place to start. I am looking at the app-controller pattern and I 'm wonderi

Error Handling Strategy in an SOA

Hi I am looking for best practices patterns for handling errors (business and system) in a service-oriented architecture. The requirements I 'm trying to address here are as follows *

Regarding Service Locator Pattern

Hi All I have one doubt regarding ServerLocator Pattern In EJB insteading of caching remote reference to EJBHome cant we cache Home Handle. Does this have any impact on performance scalability?.

Subject: Tomcat InitialContextFactory

I 've been working on a descriptor document driven ServiceLocator and can not find the InitialContextFactory for Tomcat which would enable (for example) using a Tomcat defined DataSource from outside

ApplicationService can encapsulate client specific behavior? -what about Session

Hello I 've read about ApplicationService pattern and although I generally understand the idea behind ServiceFacade and ApplicationService patterns I am now a bit confused. If I properly underst

Subject: Business Delegate and Factory

Hi Folks I wish I know what the best form to create a instance of a Business Delegate object(BDO). In the samples I always see that the BDOs are created directally like this public void perfor


I have a basic doubt about DAO. I know that depends but I need to start. My example is I have a table Customer. How do I implement the DAO Patterns for the SQLs insert update and delete


Which sample application is better to improve my knowledge design patterns? Where do I download it? Thanks

Subject: Problem in Using Database.

Hi I am trying to do the following. I am using XA Datasource for DB2/390 from my application. In my application I am having a session beans and Domain objects and Data Access objects. we are usi

Balu G1/India/IBM is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting January 8 2004 and will not return until January 12 2004. I am out of town on a family emergency. Please get in touch with shirishk@(protected) for any urgen

Business Delegate vs. Session Facade

Hi all I?ve studied both Business Delegate and Session Facade patterns but I?ve not seen much difference between them when applying to simple J2EE applications. Someone can help me to underst

Subject: What is a "Data Object "?

On page 387 of the 2nd edition in Example 7.21 for the "Business Object " pattern there is the following code public class CustomerBO { // CustomerData is a Data Object private Custome

Subject: Decorator pattern, caching

I am looking for articles or books that describe if/how to apply the decorator pattern for the purposes of caching. Thanks in advance. -Sean

Association vs Dependency (Offbeat)

Hi All I am slightly confused in finding the difference between association and dependency. For me whenever the variable is intialized at a local scope or passed as a parameter in a method it

Need to start one Java thread in one instance of clustered env

While migrating my J2EE application from WL5.1 to WL8.1 I am facing the following issue. Objective - I need to call one startup class only in one instance across the cluster. Description - I

Pattern for sorting columns of an html table

Some one know a pattern for sorting columns of an html table? Thanks all! Ciao e buon lavoro Renato

Subject: LDAP Problem Scenerio

Hi All Here is a problem that I 'm presently facing and would like to have some suggestions/soultion for this. Problem Scenerio Authentication/Authorization by LDAP server is not happening.

JTS/JTA transaction

Hi All Am getting following strange error. Before posting this message I have browse through many pages and everywhere it is mention this kind of problem happens when we use JTA enable connecti

J2EE packaging

Hi I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question. But if anyone has any inputs on this or let me know where to post this question it will be great. I have a EAR which contains two


Hi All Has anybody used Tangasol or coherence product.. Regards Ranga

Singleton Pattern: Additional Interest

Hi What is additional interest of using Singleton pattern apart of using all the method declared as Static like Math class and no inteset of overriding of methods of the class? Thanks & Reg

referring one jar from another ear file

<html > <div style 'background-color ' > <P > <BR > <BR > </P > <P >The best way is to abstract what is common between the two severs build it as a common layer and let both servers use it. <BR > <BR >it looks like

How to notify j2ee server from Oracle?

Hi Is there a pattern standard way of accomplishing that? I am looking to notify j2ee server that insert or update happened on a perticular table in Oracle. Thanks for your input. robert

referring one jar from another ear file

hi I have one ear file installed on app server A and one on App Server B. Ear file on A has some jars which are required by ear file on B. How can I specify this dependency. Environment uni

Subject: ejb controller pattern

hi Can any body point me to the ejbController pattern used in java pet store. Like its description pros and cons etc. Thanks & Regds Ashwani Kalra

Will EJB help Scalablity, Availiblity and Preformance with/instead of JDO?

Hi I 'm looking for some experienced Peer J2EE architect advice. I 've about 35 fined grained JDO objects These map to the row level in each row of my database. There is about 6 different objec

Local interface and Remote interface

All- This question contains some technical questions too. sorry for that. I am recently started implementing EJB 's. First of all I wanted to what is the right strategy for using LocalInterfaces
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