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J2EE Pattern
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Subject: Separating SQL from code

Hi I 'm somewhat new to patterns and J2EE but I was wondering if someone could help with a question I have. I 'm wondering if there are any patterns of practices that document ways to extract SQL

Next-Generation Java Middleware

Ever thought of using an alternative to JMS (or MQ TIBCO or CORBA or whatever else was invented in the previous decade)? That illustrious electronic publication the Inquirer (run from an 18th cen

Modelling a Session: Tradeoffs

Hi we are currently in the process of migrating a perl-based legacy application to j2ee and I 'm currently building up the model for some parts of the System I 'm especially re-evaluating the app

Need Suggestion for entering j2ee field.

I am got j2ee web component certification in March I will be taking the test for EJB in these couple weeks. I need suggestion on how to get a job. I had only 2 phone screening. They both f

Strategies for Streaming large Files?!

Hi we are currently building an Imaging-Database which will store huge quantities of Binary Data in the Database. Along with these Images we will store Meta-Data about the Images which we can

Subject: TransferObject - Strategy

Hello I would like to ask you a question about transfer objects. Should they be only data holders for traversing tiers or can they contain some functionality? By functionality I mean for examp

ANNOUNCE: J2EE 1.4 SDK Now Available with support for Java Server Faces and

It is my understanding that JSF and JSTL are not part of the J2EE 1.4 specification. J2EE 1.4 compliant app servers are not required to provide JSF or JSTL. Correct? > -----Original Messag

ANNOUNCE: J2EE 1.4 SDK Now Available with support for Java Server Faces and JSTL

An updated version of J2EE 1.4 SDK is now available with support for JavaServer Faces and JSTL. The J2EE 1.4 SDK contains the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 featuring supp

RES: batch updates

Hi Jayaraman I have the same problem but in my case the status can change during my print away and I can only update the printed entities. The only way is updating one to one but to increase

EJB relationship

Imagine that I have two Entity Beans A and B. The relashionship between them is mxn. A have a getBs() method that return a Collection of B and B have a getAs() method that return a Collection of

need to update large number of backend devices per HTTP request

hi all in my application an HTTP request potentially updates multiple backend devices. the number of devices can vary between 5 and 100. for the end user the update has to be in a synchronous nat

Suggestions welcome

All I need help in this situation. We have to develop an enterprise application ( a web site) using J2EE technologies. I was planning to use Struts and J2EE patterns. Now it looks like our da

Bean-managed transaction or container-managed transaction

Hi all, We are developing a performance critical tele application using J2ee. We 've done some performance tests and found if close the transactions (we use container-managed transaction n

Subject: Off Topic: Self Policing

Tong > If you think the question is irrelevant don 't answer it. Eventually > they will not ask inappropriate questions on this list if they get no > response. 20 Not true at all. There ar

Design for Downloading Large Files

I am working on a research project where there is a requirement to provide a website which will allow users to download large files upto 100MB files. The web site will first require a registration &

How to design a notification system in performa nce?

> > Hi Folks > > My name is Nam. My task is to design a notification system > (email to about > 100 000 dealers at once and more in future) of the web-based Order > Management System. My quest

How to design a notification system in performance?

Hi Folks My name is Nam. My task is to design a notification system (email to about 100 000 dealers at once and more in future) of the web-based Order Management System. My question is how to d

Design Help

All I am in a project and need help in designing pieces of the application. First of all I am new to design so please help me go in the correct direction. I have a requirement doc with


I will be out of the office starting January 8 2004 and will not return until March 1 2006. My last day with IBM was 05th march 2004. For any ORB issues please contact Shirish K(shirishk@(protected)

Subject: Q about builder pattern

hi everybody Q is as follow Not all Builders must construct visual objects. What might you use a Builder to construct in the personal finance industry? Suppose you were scoring a track me

Distributed transactions betwen WebSphere App Server, Progress Database and Orac

Hi All Im from Mexico and I have the next question. Do you know how to integrate The Databases Progress 9.1D Oracle 9i and WebSphere App Server in distributed transactions? I Know that Progre

server.policy File

Hi (using Sun ONE Appl. Server) I can able to edit server.policy file and add custom permission (overriding default permission) for an application...which works fine. I am wondering whether i

Moderate this list?

Is it possible to switch on moderation for this list? Nick

batch updates

We have a batch process which runs at the end of the day. It selects all the invoices which are exported and ready to print. We use a session bean and DAO to fetch all the invoices. Not using the

Subject: C++ - Java communication

Hi Our system has two code-bases C++ and Java. We search for transport layer between C++ and Java that satisfy the following requirements 1. Support synchronous and a-synchronou

Removing EJB Business Delegate

Hi All! Reading through many sources about business delegate pattern I can 't get clear one thing. Please help me with it if someout have a clue. The thing is the following - Business delegates

Exception Handling in EJB Transactions.

Hi The EJB 2.0 specification states that if an EJBException is thrown the container shall rollback the transaction while for Application level Exceptions the container does not. But sinc

Subject: web Service Question !!!

Apology for putting up in wrong mailing list !! I am facing problem in implementing a tree data structure i.e. folder hierarchy named FolderObject that can contain children of its type for re

Patterns for large Chunks of Data

Hi we are currently developing an application that has to be able to handle large binary data (images imagestacks movies) Size of the images is between 200MB and 2GB - right now we are stream

Custom authentication strategy

Hi all I have a requirement for being able to log in from any page. I still want my solution to benefit from the container security services. However the container will prompt the login page
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