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Data Access Object (DAO) pattern, example DAO 's
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J2EE Pattern
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Subject: Session - > DAO - > CMP

Hi I would like to know if it makes sense have DAO in front of an entity bean CMP. For example Client -- > Session Facade -- > DAO -- > EntityBean Probably this scheme could have some advan

ValueListHandler vs Page-by-Page Iterator

Hi all There are any relation bw 2 patterns ValueListHandler and Page -By-Page Iterator??? I can 't find out Page-by-page Iterator in the Sun 's site is it out of date??? Thanks in advance

looking for a Eclipse plugin support core j2ee pattern catalog

Hi all There is any plugin for Eclipse that supports the core j2ee pattern catalog?

can u suggest best online design pattern books

can u please suggest me best online java design pattern books? Thanq for consideration. -sunil sunil

Design paterns for null arguments

On Fri 2004-05-28 at 09 56 Sandeep Kachalia wrote > Thanks Ben > I wanted to open APIs for my client. The API users may pass null > values as arguments. Why? > I have n number of paramet


MVC implementation question using Swing

Hi A question on how to implement the MVC design pattern. I 'm currently building a personal application using Java with Swing. I would eventually like to port it on JSP/Servlet as well. I

Subject: Service Locator getId method.

In the book there is sample code for the service locator to get a string representation of an EJB handle. There is also a getService that takes the string representation and returns the EJBObject i

Subject: Re: Resin Configuration Issue...

Hi all I am using Resin-ee-3.0.7 as a web server to run a simple servlet. I am unable to run a test servlet i have created as follows... (a) The Servlet have been created in C \resin-ee-

single sign on

Does exists a pattenr for single sign on in an enterprise network? Someone have some links? Thanks all Ciao e buon lavoro Renato ---- Renato Eschini Inera srl Via Vespucci 4

Virus Found in message "Changes.. "

Symantec AntiVirus found a virus in an attachment you (An interest list for Sun Java Center J2EE Pattern Catalog <J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST@(protected) >) sent to J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST@(protected)

Java AVK 1.4 now available for free.

Download the latest version of the Java AVK for the Enterprise with the new installation wizard and portability features for testing web services. http // Features o

Subject: What is the expert pattern?

I have heard there is a pattern called the expert pattern. I haven 't found any website that talks about it. It is not part of the J2EE Core patterns. Does anyone know what this pattern is? Tha


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Subject: Doubts on design patterns

Hi all I know design patterns are grouped into three types Creational Structural and Behavioral. But my questions are 1) Why State pattern is listed as behavioral when it clearly defines

Subject: Person and Rol Class Model

Hi...I would like to know how I can model this situation Persons- Person (base class).- PhisicalPerson (subclass of Person)- Corporation (subclass of Person) Rol - Customer (can be a PhisicalPerson

XML Parser : Select first node from DOM corresponding to xpat h

Hemanth Navjot Subrata While XML/XPath processing is undoubtably an interesting topic it is not even remotely related to the main subject of this list J2EE patterns. Would it be possible for

XML Parser : Select first node from DOM corresponding to xpath

Hi All I am new to XML Parsing. I am using xerces ( DOM ) parser and using following function to get the nodelist public NodeList getXpathNodeList(String p_node_path) { try {

How can I sign off? Thank you guys!

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Subject: data update best practices

hi all i have a situation where i pass a value object to a client. the client will usually need to modify 1 or 2 attributes on the VO (which has many attributes). i need to submit the changes bac

service locator and session facade

My service locator object caches the references to session fa?ades (both home and remote). If there are 2 threads (2 business delegate objects) requesting for the same session fa?ade 's home and remo

Business Delegate

Hi folks I have a doubt. I am projecting my application with the structure below web tier > business Delegate(BD) > ServiceLocator(SL) > Session Facade(SF) > EJBs The web tier use the

Subject: A circular ServiceLocator

Hi I 'm sure this has been asked before but I 'm currently struggling with that Problem I have a ServiceLocator that I use for looking up EJB 's - this service-locator is used in the web-tier

Parsing XML File - From Session Bean

Hi Guys I got a requirement as i will get a XML file from legacy system as input to my Session Bean. I need to parse the XML file and extract data from it and saved to the databa


<P >   <BR > Hello everybody <BR > <BR > I am wondering if someone can suggest me architecture to handle Date/Time Zone in enterprise application which is simple to use and not heavy as java.util.Cal

Using Spring Framework to design Applicaiton.

Hi I need help in justification of using/switching to Spring Framework while designing an application. Is the Spring Framework - - A part of J2EE framework? - Sits on top of J2EE framework?

Adventure Builder (Sun 's J2EE 1.4 blueprint application)

The Adventure Builder application was implemented without JavaServer Faces. Is Sun planning to build a JSF version of the Adventure Builder application? -Sean

Subject: The best java/j2ee framework?

Hi all I 'm finding a framework for my project. Anyone can tell me which framework is the best java/j2ee framework? and Which framework is the best implementation of the core j2ee pattern? Thanks

EJB Handle

Hi Gurus I have a business delegate that is also a singleton that caches an EJB Handle instance. I don?t why but my initial lookups fail and after a pair of trials my application starts to wo
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