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Struts & Hibernate
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J2EE Pattern
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Inner classes as value objects

Hi all Though this question does not refer to any design pattern per-se I would like to know your views on the same. I am being asked to have a value object as an Inner class in order implemen

XML representation

All- In may application I need to parse a XML file and should be stored in the application scope. The size of the xml file is not so big. I have 2 choices- 1.Create a custome class structu

DAO - Static Methods

Having recently participated on my first production implementation using O/R Persistence (Toplink) - the team had an interesting design for DAOs. A base abstract DAO class contained convenience me

Intercepting Filter: Filter Chaining in Action

Hi Folks I have read Core J2EE Patterns. But I have a question concerning Filter API. There is a example about Filter Chaining in Action. It uses a class that implements a Filter and a se

Subject: JSP handling of single quote

Wld like advise here if possible. I 'm involved in a jsp project currently using sqlserver. Hv encountered difficulties inserting string values with single quotes into sqlserver. Example O 'Br

Singleton in clustered environment

Hi all I have to implement singleton in clustered environment. Can somebody help with some online resource/link or pattern for doing the same. Regards Varun Rally

J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST Digest - 18 Nov 2004 to 21 Nov 2004 (#2004-145)

DISCLAIMER The information contained in this message is intended only and solely for the addressed individual or entity indicated in this message and for the exclusive use of the said addressed

DAO pattern

Hi I am having some doubt regarding the DAO pattern. We are using a handler class to invoke methods in DAO class. Each method in the DAO class will handle their own DB Connection and commit/ro

Subject: Patterns for forming XML 's ?

Hi all Can anyone please point me to any available patterns/practices for organizing data in xml form. Please note that I am not looking at the data access part - (Thankfully no problems here

Class not found

Hello I 'm working with Websphere 5.1 security and I am getting a NoClassDefFoundError com/ibm/ejs/security/SecurityContext Since now we haven 't been able to find which package contains this cla

Pattern for implementing timeout functionality in SOA

Hi We 're trying to implement timeout functionality in our services. Basically the services would be exposed as web services to different channels of users (WEB IVR etc). The SOA for our serv


When people think J2EE and databases they think RDBMS architecture. For some applications or application modules this can represent an unnecessary overhead. Do any of you ahve experience using embed

Subject: Subsystems communication

I have a question regarding subsystems communication. How do I integrate a subsystem with dependent subsystems (possibly remote ones)? I found a suggestion saying to call the dependent subsystems B

Subject: 15x faster

http // is now 15x faster. Here are the benchmarks Connection Rate Download Time(Now) Download Time(Before) 14.4K 14.92 seconds 228.36 seconds 28.8K 7.56

- Re: Regarding MDB and Clustered Environ ment - Found w

Thank you very much. > -----Original Message----- > From SOURABH Srivastava [SMTP SSourabh@(protected)] > Sent Thursday October 14 2004 12 22 PM > To J2EEPATTERNS-INTEREST@(protected)

- Re: Regarding MDB and Clustered Environment - Found word(s) list er

Yong Thanks. We are using weblogic 8.1. But I am not getting how to cluster the pinned JMS server. Is there any document for that?. Many Thanks K.Pushparaj > -----Original Message----- >

Usage of Business Delegates/Intelligent DTO

Hi I am working on a project with JSF being used for the View layer.The Managed Bean/Action class in JSF is being used to call the Business Delegate class.The Business Delegate class is also be

Regarding MDB and Clustered Environment

Hi I am back. Following is the problem. "we created a workflow manager component which acts as a delegator to delegate the control to various session beans based on the workflow. - Java New, Java Articles and Java Blogs, Just one bookmark

http // is a portfolio of websites rich in Java News Java Articles and Java Blogs. Java developers Java Architects and Java Managers can read daily news articles and blogs through

Subject: Anybody have JPOS experience?

hi all Anybody have JPOS experience? i need sample code & some programming tutorials. thanks

Help please

I really need to make a discussion for this. I have been asked to play a crusial role in converting an existing Java based client server application to a web server based application. I know this

Subject: DAO, Entity CMP, Strategy

I wish I can to do all my database access by a DAO. But what if I have a Entity CMP ? Would be a good pratice to use a Strategy pattern ? for sample /* DAO Interface */ public Interface C

Peter Lehmensich/CO/HIC is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 17/09/2004 and will not return until 28/09/2004. I will respond to your message when I return. ******************************************************


I have read about CMP and DAO and Some people said that when I use CMP DAO don 't make sense... But What if I want to have the possibility to change to JDBC DAO for sample ? I would have to chang

XML messaging

Hi all i hope you all are doing well. There is an challenging project. Maybe some of you know about FlexCube. I have to talk to FlexCube using XML messaging. There are so many XML documents i se

Reminder, Online Chat, September 14, on Java BluePrints for Service-Oriented Arc

This is a reminder about tomorrow 's online chat on Java BluePrints for Service Oriented Architecture a part of the Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog (https // The BluePrin


Hi everybody? i am pretty new to message oriented middleware. I have a two question. 1. Can JMS client run without application server? i mean can i write an client application which connects to q

How to prevent a user from deleting a record while another is edi ting it

I am looking for a pattern for CMP based persistence model under EJB 2.0 which will prevent a user to delete a record while another is editing it. Thanks in advance Rajan

Subject: EntityBean Inheritance

Hi Does anybody know in practice how do you handle the situation that needs entity bean inheritance relationship? Thanks Ray

Online Chat, Sept. 14, on Java BluePrints for Service Oriented Architecture

Recently a number of Java BluePrints-related projects have been established on One of these is the Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog <https // > which presents (among
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