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Subject: xsi:nil

Hi I 'm not sure if I 'll get replies to this so please send me an responses. I am one step away from using schema to validate my xml xml that is generated by JDOM but I have one last problem.

Subject: newbie

Hi I recently downloaded jdom 1.0 and tried to use it. I m unable to get the newline to be printed in the output xml file. Im getting the following output <sri >hi </sri > instead of <sri > hi

bug in ?

I use JDOM 1.0 and don 't seem to be able to build a document at all. e.g. the following code always produces IOExceptions URL url new URL(urlstring) SAXBuilder builder new SAXBuilder()

Re: [jdom-interest] adding comments to a document object with on
   seperate line

I would extend XMLOutputter and overide printComment printElement and printProcessingInstruction like this protected void printComment(Writer out Comment comment) { super.printComm

adding comments to a document object with on
   seperate lines

Hi all my program is modifying existing schema objects and needs to preserve spacing in the outputted document so that it matches the parsed input document - for this reason I use Format.getRa

More SAXOutputter woes

One more for the TODO list. I was looking at SAXOutputter and notice that attribute namespaces are not report through startPrefixMapping/endPrefixMapping. I wrote a little test import org.jdom

Re: XmlOutputter : escaping of \r in element text

Hi Thank you very much for your replies. In my specific application the problem is the text element does not come from an xml parser. So of course I can parse the text and remove

XmlOutputter : escaping of \r in element text

Hi I have a problem concerning the escaping of windows linefeeds in element texts in JDOM 1.0 ... Element element new element( "test ") element.setText( "test\r\ntest ") ... XMLOutp

Small but irritating problem

Hello folks Just to get it over with I 'm an XML newbie so keep the flame throwers away for a while please. Today I upgraded from JDOM beta 9 to the current release. As they say better late th

JDOMXpath classpath problems.....

I need to move a client from hosting under Tomcat 4.x to JBoss with Tomcat 5.x. Most of the site works except for code that uses JDOMXpath. I keep getting the following error java.lang.NoSuc

Ignoring DTD with no base URI

Hi everybody. I 'm using JDOM1.0 and I read FAQ about ignoring DTD by registering my NoOpEntityResolver but problem that XMLs that I 'm working with have <!DOCTYPE BXML SYSTEM "dtd/something.1.

Re: [jdom-interest] Weird namespace attribute when using
   JAXP   transformer

Hi Not sure what 's happening but when I use saxon I do not get the namespace declaration. /pmn Oliver Koell wrote > Hi all > > I want to serialize my JDOM documents using JDOMSource

Weird namespace attribute when using JAXP

Hi all I want to serialize my JDOM documents using JDOMSource and a JAXP identity transformer (the variant without stylesheet) because i need HTML output (method "html). Here is the output f

NO DOC TYPE? There sure is!!!

In a JSP file I am writing using IBM 's Websphere Studio Site Developer IDE I am using JDOM with a Document object created from an XML string and a XSL file to create formatted output to render to t

My use of JDOM

> ?Whats the use of parent in Conent/Parent? ?WHy > should a Conent know who 's its parent? An item should know its parent so you can support XPath which has the ability to do navigation up the t

Subject: hex v. dec

Hello I 'm working with MySQL and Microsoft 's Great Plains (Pains). GP is not happy with unicode characters unless they 're escaped *using decimal notation*. Neither have I succeeded in defining a

XML - XSL Transformations

Hello JDOM. I have encapsulated the XSLTransform utility included as a contrib with JDOM in a JavaBean to make life a little simpler for my beginning students. Maybe some others could find this

Subject: deep equals

Has anyone written any sort of deep equals function for JDOM documents? I hunted around in the contrib package but I couldn 't find anything like this. It seems an obvious need. Am I missing someth

[jdom-interest] [Fwd: Re: NEWBIE needs help: first steps with JDOM]

Forwarding to @(protected) -jh-

NEWBIE needs help: first steps with JDOM

Hello @ all How do I start now programming with JDOM? Do you know some good approaches on the net? I read the articles mentioned on but they were to "fast " for a newb. Please

newbie question: which mailing list

Hi there I 'd like to start working with JDOM and using the mailling lists. But I dunno where is the difference between this list (jdom-interest@(protected)) and jdom-interest-request@(protected)?

setAttributes method

Hi I 've tried to use a List object to set the order of the attributes of my element. For example I have the next code List list elem.getAttributes() Attribute attrib new Attribute(

Subject: Manifest

Hi folks. This is my first attempt to post to this forum. I 've made a change to the build.xml file which (approximately) reproduces your manifest as a genuine manifest inside the distributable jar

Question regarding encoding

Hi All Why are my French apostrophe being converted to questions marks ? If I have the following input Xml document <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "ISO-8859-1 "? > <record > <descr

Re: [jdom-interest] Some Problems using JDOM inside of ContenHandler
   based Pip

Horst.Gaussmann@(protected) wrote > 2.) If i send some whitespaces before the root node to the SAXHandler i get > an exception (something with namespaces). But i think that documents

Some Problems using JDOM inside of ContenHandler
   based Pipelin

Hello i 'am using the jdom implementation excessive iside of orbeon 's presentation server and in this environment some problems poped up. 1.) I cannot use the SAXOutputter 's outputFragment() M

SAXParser Parsing Problem

I get the following error when I parse my XML org.jdom.IllegalTargetException The target "xml " is not legal for JDOM/XML Processing Instructions Processing instructions cannot have a target of

XMLOutputter format question

hi jdom-i i was unable to locate a copy of the 2nd edition of "java & xml " at any of my local booksellers and i 'm on too unfortunate of a schedule to wait for amazon so i 'm new on the list and

Unexpected encoding in XMLOutputter

Hi there my code inside a jsp should give me an ISO-8859-1 encoded stream

Saving DOM only if it Modified

Hi folks i want to write the DOM to persistent storage(file) only if it has been modified. i.e only if some element/attribute is added/removed. can u buddy tell me if there is any API which can te
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