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NullPointerException when changing or adding content (setTex

Hi Hard to say but ... Element#setText(String) should not throw a NullPointerException so 1) you don 't really have the element you think you have so you 're not reading the document you think y

NullPointerException when changing or adding content (setText()

- The short short version I have a servlet that passes an XML document as a String object to a method contained in a jar file in the war file. That method (parseRequest()) can read XML template d

Validating with SAXBuilder

Hi again! I am trying to validate a xml file that does not have schema reference. The header of the xml file is the following <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "UTF-8 "? > <irisCacheDB xmlns xsi 'http /

Re: Where is SQLBuilder class located?

So it is called ResultSetBuilder!!! I read a old tutorial in JavaWorld. It mentions an SQLBuilder that can parse SQL statements. It does not give more information about that. Jason Hunter wrote >

Where is SQLBuilder class located?

Hi I am new to JDOM Where can I find SQLBuilder? I downloaded jdom-1.0 and jdom-contrib-1.0 binaries but I cannot find the class!

Re: jdom-interest Digest, Vol 13, Issue 5

Hi paul thanks for the reply. But can u please give an example of how to add namespace prefix to the Xpath. An example would be of great help. Awaiting ur response > Aren 't you missing namespac

Error in parsing wsdl file using jdom

Hi I am a newbie to JDom. I am trying a parse a wsdl file named CalculatorService to get the value of the *message* attribute of *input* element which happens to be the child of *operation *elem

java.lang.OutOfMemory with an 10 MB xml file??

Hi all I am using JDOM XPath but on trying to load a large xml file (10 MB) to use jdom XPath I am getting "java.lang.OutOfMemory " error as my requirement is to use more then 10MB XML files

Question on xerces.jar and other helper jars

Hello. We released a product that included these four JDOM helpers jaxen-core.jar saxpath.jar xerces.jar xml-apis.jar Also from the JDOM README file JDK 1.4 includes XML parser

401 unauthorized, SaxBuilder

Hi. I 'm trying to read a HTML page on a server and to parse it into a XML-dokument so that I can use XPath to extract the elements I want from the page. The following code does the trick when the

Creating new XML documents from existingXMLdocument(s)

Be careful! By detaching it you lose your original document (test) contents. If that 's OK then detatch is a better way to go. -----Original Message----- From jdom-interest-bounces@(protected) [mailt

Creating new XML documents from existing XMLdocument(s)

The problem is that your root element now belongs to two different Docuements. To make this work your way you need to clone the root element like this... Element root (Element) test.getRootEleme

Adding attributes with XPath

Is it possible to add attributes with xpath expression? jdom-interest-request@(protected) wrote Send jdom-interest mailing list submissions to jdom-interest@(protected) To subscribe or unsubscribe via the

Creating new XML documents from existing XML document(s)

Hello I am trying to create a new XML document from an existing XML document using JDOM but am unable to do so. I want to take the root element of an existing document and use it as the root elemen

element creation with < issues

Hello folks May be this question has been asked before. So please dont flame me. I have done due diliegence by searching but could not find answers. I have the following data that a method retu

how to create an element here

Hello Folks I want to create just one element with this data ? How do I do this ? <hourdata hour "140000 " curtemp "88 " dewpointtemp "72 " windspeed "4 " winddir "290 " weather_conditions " " relativ

XMLOutputter generates weird chars

Hi when I run the following code //in the xml variable (java.lang.String) is the actual XML code SAXBuilder builder new SAXBuilder( "org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser " false) Document doc

making XMLOutputter DTD-aware

hello list I gave some cycles into making XMLOutputter DTD-aware. The reason for doing so is that we write XML-files with a dtd-reference with a large set of hidden information encoded in the DTD

Adding attributes which contain colons to root element

I am using XML and JDOM for the first time and want to build a document using Element root new Element( "myReport ") Document doc new Document(root) Then I want to add attri

Subject: memory usage

Hi I have a project which is a java applet so I can 't set the heap size in the VM (programatically). I get problems when reading large XML files and although the problem occurs in another library

JDOM Documents from JAXBContext

The project I 'm involved in uses JAXB 2.0 for marshalling/unmarshalling of XML objects but internally I 'd like to use JDOM for manipulating the XML. I 'm having trouble finding an efficient way to c

XPATH using JDOM returns null???

Folks I 'm parsing an XML file using the following snippet.. XPath xpath XPath.newInstance( "/FIXML/Batch/TrdCaptRpt ") List nodelist xpath.selectNodes(doc) Iterator nd nodelist.iterator

SAXBuilder not found

I recompiled a working program from Java 1.3 to 1.4.2_08. Now when it runs it throws an error org.jdom.JDOMException SAX2 driver class org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser not found SAX2 driver cl

Get Element based on XPATH

Hello fellow JDom enthusiasts . . . . I have what I hope will be an easy answer to a simple question. Given a Document and an XPATH expression what is the best way to remove the element at the

Additional functionality for class org.jdom.filter.ElementFi

Michael Kordt writes > So if these possibilities of retrieving filtering criteria really do not exis > t > in the current JDOM release I 'd like to suggest adding them in the next rele > ase

Additional functionality for class org.jdom.filter.ElementFilter

Hello one question regarding element filters. Is there any means to retrieve the element name (and consequently the namespace) of an org.jdom.filter.ElementFilter instance later on after obj

Re: [jdom-interest] NoClassDefFoundError - - -

It is the exact solution thank you! Well now I have an "Exception occured during event dispatching " but this has nothing to do with JDOM. Still Java may be platform-independant it 's so version-dep

Re: [jdom-interest] NoClassDefFoundError - -
   -   org/xml/sax/SAXNotSupportedExce

Hi Jean Carot wrote > java.exe -classpath .\build .\lib\org.jdom\jdom.jar MainClass > Exception in thread "main " java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError org/xml/sax/SAXNotSupportedException > > i

NoClassDefFoundError - - -

Hi everyone I am new to this list and need some help here. I am in front of a wierd problem. Just to set up the context I am doing an intership and use Java & XML and jdom aswell. Since the be

get encoding of an old xsd-file

Hey i just have a problem. i want to find out the encoding of an old xsd-file. but i don 't know how. it 's because i changed the old file inside my program and then i write the result into anot
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