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Setting value of anattribute resets its type

After checking the implementation I discovered that the type of an attribute will be resetted while setting its value (from the Element class) because a new Attribute object will be created on each

Sorting children

Hi I was searching for help on sorting childrens of a Element. As you propably allready noticed you cannot simply use Collecetions.sort(List Comparator). I was investigating the issue and some of i

Re: jdom 1.0 XMLOutputter -- problems

Bradley S. Huffman wrote > Try this > > import org.jdom.* > import org.jdom.output.* > import org.jdom.input.* > import* > > public class JdomTest3 > { > public static String[] testD

A very Good website !!!

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Special characters not being encoded as UTF-8

I 'm trying to produce XML with special characters (e.g. ascii 0xA7 which is the section-sign) in the text content of an element. I would expect XMLOutputter to encode these characters as UTF-8 but

Mark Ring/Raleigh/IBM is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 03/27/2006 and will not return until 03/28/2006. I will be out of the office the afternoon of 03/27/2006. I will return on Tuesday 03/28/2006. <html > <body >

JavaDoc improvement for Format.html?

Hi On http // the documentation for #setLineSeparator says 'Note that if the "newlines " property is false this value is irrelevant ' I cannot f

Newlines between attributes

No XML serializers that I know of give you this much control over the output. The Saxon serializer (which you could invoke to serialize the JDOM) will put long attributes on separate lines but using

Newlines between attributes

I 'm using JDOM and like it very much for its ease of use. I 'm now using JDOM to create a series of XML files where the attribute values are long strings. As a result after 2-3 of them the eleme

Null DocType allowed?

When the XML parser of Resin creates a W3C document from a stream the document type of that document will have a null name but a system ID of "stream ". This will cause JDOM to throw an exception w

determining output length

How is a person supposed to determine the output length when writing out xml with XMLOutputter? This would be handy for setting content length header in http request or response. Noah ______________

outputElementContent and lineSeparator

I am using outputElementContent to get serialized text content for a wire representation of XML data which was then fed back into JDOM later. I found that if I didn 't do format.setLineSeparator( "\n ")

XML Transformation

Hi I have a piece of XML and a schema (XSD). I wish to transform the XML to a newer XML according to the XSD. How can it be done? I looked at XSLT but it requires a XSL not an XSD. What I 'm tryin

Modify an xml thru JDOM

Hi guys Im new in this list & new with JDOM so "hi " to everybody & thanx for your precious comments & helps. My question is Let say that I got an XML file like this one <?xml version "1.0 " encod

ClassCastException on Element.getContent

Hi According to the javadoc org.jdom.Element.getContent() returns a list of objects of types that all extend org.jdom.Content. My code looks something like this ... for (Iterator it xhtmlElement.

How to change encoding

Hi I have to process an existing XML file and write a new output XML file. Additonally I have to change the encoding to the following <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "ISO-8859-1 "? > I am new to JDOM a

CompactFormat - newline after declaration?

Why does CompactFormat put a newline after the declaration? Is it required by the XML specs?

Schema validation & Java 1.5

I 'm attempting to validate an XML document against a Schema using Xerces. Using JDOM (1.0) under Java 1.4 this was accomplished as follows myBuilder new SAXBuilder( "org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXPa

Question about selecting nodes with XPath

Hello First of all thanks a lot for jdom its a really well designed API and its fun to work with it. I would like to use XPath for just selecting the " <a displayname > "-nodes however I tried severa

Re: JDOM Extension for Java Object (de)serialization

Tatu Saloranta wrote > Hi Matthias! I think it 's good that you had a chance > to have a look at what others have done in the area. Yes. Object binding/serialization is really one of the fields whe

JDOM Extension for Java Object (de)serialization

Hi developers again My second question touches one of the few "weak points " of JDOM - and DOM in general. It is clear to me that the philosophy of any DOM model is to have the complete model in memo

Introduction. JDOM for Java5?

Hi JDOM developers. My name is Matthias Basler. I am a german geographer (currently without a job) and I have a strong interest in programming with Java (Eclipse) especially in the area of GIS and i

Read Word2003 XML Docs from Tamino

Hi I have a big problem with JDom and the Tamino XML Server. I have to store Word2003(XML) Documents in the database. This works without problems. But when I try to load the documents the database


XSLTransformer needs a setFactory(JDOMFactory) method so that it can pass that factory on to the JDOMResults building its answers. XSLTransformer needs a setFactory(JDOMFactory) method so that it can

forwarding JDOM-Objects

Hello out there I have a special problem. I wrote this allready into the tomcat user list but maybe somone here has a good solution for my problem. I want to forward a JDOM-object from one servlet

Error on line -1: Premature end of file

Hi Every once in a while I get the following exception when trying to read in my XML file. The file looks ok and seems to be valid. Any hints would be appreciated. Caused by org.xml.sax.SAX

Paasing values dynamically

? Hi I want to have a particular XML created and then pass values dynamically. That is i will have changing values everytime. Can i do it? Any examples. Thank You Brajesh <P >   <BR > Hi <BR > &

Running on IBM WAS on AIX with 1.4.x

Hi First of all. Thank you for this great resource. To have jdom handle prefixed attributes with the same prefix as their parent element on IBM WAS on AIX with jvm 1.4.x I added the follow

OT - Failing early on maxLength violations

On 12/14/05 Michael Kay <mike@(protected) > wrote > > There is a business rule in place on the maximum size of the image > > I can imagine a business rule that expresses a maximum size as say 12cm

Failing early on maxLength violations

I am currently developing a web service that accepts images among other things. I am debating having the images submitted in the XML using base64Binary typed elements. Using a maxLength restriction
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