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DOMOutputter and namespace aware Documents

Hi Is there a way to make DOMOutputter create a namespace aware DOM? I need this so I can schema validate it. I am using Xerces 2.6 via JAXP. See comments in this issue report for explanations h

SAXParser exception problems

Greetings folks this is not necessarily a JDOM question but I hope some one can help or point me in a good direction I 'm a beginner at this stuff so sorry if these are stupid questions.

xml document parsar

<HTML > <DIV class bgcolor STYLE "background-color " > <DIV align left >Hi </DIV > <DIV align left >I need for a help ..I don 't know how to add an element to the xml file   delete from the file or ed

In-memory validation

Is this possible with JDOM? It stated somewhere that it would be available in version 1.0 Is this possible with JDOM? It stated somewhere that it would be available in  version 1.0 <br > _______

Subject: Re: Reentrant

I wrote >Obviously if a thread is non-reentrant it is most probably not >thread-safe ... -) Perfectly clear isn 't it! Of course I mean "if a *class* is non-reentrant... "

Reentrant (was Re: [jdom-interest] Re: JDOM -- threads?)

Thread-safe and reentrant are two different - though related - aspects of a class. A thread-safe instance may be used concurrently by several different threads. A reentrant instance may be used sever

Re: JDOM -- threads?

Frances wrote > just read in that JDOM is not thread-safe.. what does this > mean exactly? (don 't know much about threads..) that JDOM does not > include thread APIs or that you can 't d

JDOM -- threads?

just read in that JDOM is not thread-safe.. what does this mean exactly? (don 't know much about threads..) that JDOM does not include thread APIs or that you can 't do threads AT ALL with

A problem of java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jdom/JDOMExcept

I am developing a plug-in of eclipse. jdom is used in it. when it is compiled in Eclipse 3.2 nothing problem is shown.but when i run it(run from eclipse 3.2) a problem of *java.lang.NoClassDefFoundEr

Getting comments in a Document

This may be the wrong forum but I hope someone knows this answer. I 'm using Java 1.4 with the default parser and JDOM. I process an XML document that has comments in it. After getting a good Document

Validation strategy

I receive messages in the form of an XML document. I am able to receive up to 44 different messages and i therefor also have 44 different xml schemas. When i receive a message how do I know which s


Paul Hunnisett wrote > The problem is that after only a little interaction with the portlet I > get an OutOfMemoryError that brings down the whole portal. I 'm > confident that it 's JDOM that caus

Text replacement

Hi! I 'm new to jdom and xml so sorry if this is non sense. I read a xml template (a html to be true transformed to XML using tidy) file from my client and want to change all ocurrences of one text

JDOM with generics

[I never learn that "reply " does not send replies to the list...] At 2006-05-04 17 56 Jason > >I would suggest first a 1.0.1 bug-fix release to keep compatibility > >for older projects. Based on thi

TestMaker 4.4 now available

TestMaker is my open-source utility and framework for testing Web applications services and SOA for scalability performance and reliability. TestMaker 4.4 is now available for immediate downloa

Subject: xlink in JDOM

I 'm trying to make produce this element with JDOM <ref xlink href "download.html "/ > How is this done? I guessed the code might look like this but it doesn 't work Element e new Element( "ref ")

namespace issue

I am running into an issue with XSLT signing and need an expert help in resolving the issue. I just did quite R&D on XML digital signature for JDOM and am following the below steps. 1)Convert an XML

& in namespace

Hello I use SAXBuilder to parse and add an extra element to an existing WSDL file. I am facing problem for WSDLs which have & in their namespace declaration. When I use XMLOutputter to write

Java and XML, 3rd edition

Hey everyone- Well it 's been a long time since I 've posted. For those of you who are newer to JDOM I helped get this project off the ground way back in the JDOM beta days -) Jason has kicke

How to determine jdom version?

Hi How can I determine the version of jdom ? Cheers //mikael Ps. For xerces I did the folllowing java -classpath xerces.jar org.apache.xerces.impl.Version <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD H

Problem to read xml with jdom when CR

Hi When we read one version of the xml we had the following <class name "Aal0TpVccTp " > <description >From Cello MIM. Ref. [MOM_Cello] </description > <systemCreated/ >

XPath XMLOutputter Context Results in HTML

I 'm interested in building a simple webapp to that will evaluate xpath expressions and return the results in HTML. The tricky part is that I 'd like to highlight the result nodes in context of the sou

Setting value of an attribute resets its type

I have written already on the subject but got no response so I 'll try it again. Having noticed that setting the value of an attribute via the convenience methods in the Element class ( "setAttribute

xpath problem with oc4j

I get a NoClassDefFoundError for the org/jdom/Document class when I try to execute an XPath expression on a web application deployed to Oracle Application Server 9052 (yeah I know it 's a pos). It ma

xmlns:= " " (colon-equals-quote-quote) in xslt output

I have tried searching the mailing list archives but it 's really REALLY difficult to search for something where the symptoms are bad punctuation marks. Argh. ( Anyway I 've hit a problem where I 'm

More on XSL-FO files

Thanks Jason & Mike your pointers are heading me in the correct direction. As I mentioned before I?m pretty green when it comes to XML and even more so wit XSL. But here is a snippet of the XSL. <

XSL-FO reverse engineer

Hi Group I do hope this group is still active? I have an issue that I 've been asked to resolve (no sorry my boss as said fix it or else!) We have a proprietary system that generates XSL-FO out

promoting namespaces up trees

i 've been expending too much cleverness to solve this problem and i 'm wondering if there 's a better way. i have generated data that looks like <item > <x foo xmlns x "blah blah "/ > <x bar xmlns x

Problems by parsing XML with JDOM

Hello I like to parse a XML document with JDOM. I get the root element without problems but no child elements. I hope someone can tell me what I do wrong. Thanks Anika Here is my code SAXBuilder bu

JDOM signing API

Hi All I am looking for signing my JDOM .Could you please suggest me the best API available to sign JDOM.Apache signing tool kit doesn 't support JDOM.Converting JDOM into DOM and then signing its c
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