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Parsing an XML File

Hello everyone I 'm new to JDOM and I need to parse an XML file like <all > <element > <el_dtd >okay </el_dtd > <el_ont > <prop >valeur </prop > <cpt >classe </cpt > </el_on

Parsing an XML Schema

Hi everyone I have a DTD to parse as an XML file (tree structure) so I converted it to xml schema to parse it I need to get the elements (and the attributes) starting by the root and then the ch

RE: JDOM Clone Help

Thanks Justin. I used the list and it worked. -- View this message in context http // Sent from the JDOM - General forum at ______

Content is not allowed in prolog

Hi all I have been getting this Exception lately (org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException Error on line 1 Content is not allowed in prolog.) I do not have the file open in an editor and the file has n

JDOM Clone Help

I need help with this problem. I have two example XML documents XML 1 <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "UTF-8 "? > <Service_Request_1.0 type "VALIDATION " job_identifier "01010 " > <Groups > </Groups > </

Subject: Code examples

Does anybody have any code examples for adding and removing Elements in a JDOM Document using addContent/removeContent? When using the addContent method Im receiving the following trace org.jdom.Il

output package - XMLOutputter API question

Hi all Mostly JDOM works extremely well for me and I am grateful to those who developed it. Occasionally a question crops up - here goes... In the API for XMLOutputter http //

RE: Line breaks after xml declaration

> I have a xml client that requires no line breaks in the xml. Is there > anyway to turn off strip out the line break after the xml > declaration when using Document? > > Thanks > Rob <!DOCTYPE H

empty xmlns definition

Hi all I am very happy with using JDOM over DOM but I just ported a lot of code to JDOM and the root Element went from <root version "4 " configVersion "0 " > to <root version "4 " configVersion

Can JDOM handle XML 1.1

I was reading an article about XML 1.1 and was wondering if JDOM can handle it properly? Dose anyone know about other DOMs which can/cannot handle XML 1.1? Victor

Streaming JDOM

Hi since I like JDOM I use it whenever I can. For large documents however I have to use SAX which seems uncessarily hard to use. I have seen that StAX is a better SAX because it is pull rather

A way to map an XML file to a JAVA object?

Is there any ways to map the xml file into a java object??? So that i dont have to browse through the entire tree in order to get what i want?? for instance this xml file <root > <name > <First

How to create a JDOM document from a String

I have a string that i got from a JMS queue. How do i convert this String into a JDOM document??? thanx guys ) S?ren I have a string that i got from a JMS queue. <br > <br >How do i convert this Strin


Hi I 'm working on an app using a DTD to generate JDOM-based XML Parsers. When I use calls to Element.getAttributeValue() I don 't necessarily know what is the namespace of the looked up attribute. W

Volunteers to fix jaxen

Jaxen has one outstanding JDOM-related bug that is blocking 1.1 http // I think this is identified by two failing unit tests in the Jaxen test suite testJaxen20A

JDOM + Java 1.5

Hi I like JDOM very much and use it as often as possible. But I don 't like that Element returns a plain List where it could (with generics enabled) return a List of Elements. So I have downloaded

'A DocType cannot be added after the root element ' with JDK5

Hi experts I 'm experiencing some strange behaviour after upgrading from JDK 1.4.2 to JDK 5. Here 's a little test code to show what my problem is

Convert JDOM document to string

How do I serialize a JDOM object to a String??? How do I serialize a JDOM object to a String??? <br >

Another user with schema validation woes

>From searching this list and and others I see that validating an XML instance with a Schema is not as simple as one would hope. Here 's my tale of woe My java code looks like this SAXBuilder buil

Reading files without a DTD

I 'm trying to traverse a well-formed files without a dtd. I 'm not validating any files. I have it explicitly turned off. Files between 10k and 10M go through without any problems. However once the

skipping a huge text node

Hi I am trying to parse a very large XML document 99% of which consists of one huge text node <sequence >ACGGAAAT[...] </sequence > which is too large to fit into memory. So instead of getting th

getting null value of node while retrieving from xml file

Here is my code snippet public static void main(String args[]){ try{ DocumentBuilder builder DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance().newDocumentBuilder() File f ne

Problems using JDOM with JDK1.5.0

Hi - I have a servlet using JDOM 1.0 running under Tomcat on Solaris 8. Java is from SDK and is 1.5.0. Tomcat is 5.5.9. It looks like I am using the Xerces integrated in the JDK since there is no

use jdom XPath with xalan

I see jdom uses Jaxen xpath parser as the default. But xalan is our standard so we 'd like to use jdom XPath with xalan. Can we do that and how? Thanks. Andrew ********** This message contains

SAX read inside a comment

Hi I 'm using xerces to parse some XML I have some fields in the source XML that are in comment fields ( <!-- -- >) is it possible to read the contents? Currently it just skips over them. Thanks Alan

Attribute.getDoubleValue and infinity

Dear JDOM developers First of all thanks for developing JDom. Looking in the mailing lists and such I couldn 't find any mention of the following minor problem The Attribute.getDoubleValue will no

The default namespace behaviour

I 've been using JDOM in a tool I 'm writing and I 've come across a peculiarity that I 'm wondering if someone could clarify. I believe this issue has been talked about before however I wasn 't able to f

Error with schema include

I use the saxbuilder to build an xml document. I use an entity resolver to replace the schemadocument with the correct location of the schema In my schema there is several includes for instance "..

yet another NoClassDefFoundError

Hi I have an XML document to parse in the form <a > <b >... </b > <b >... </b > <b >... </b > .. <b >... </b > </a > The whole document is too large to hold in memory so I wanted to get only one b-e

DOMOutputter and namespace aware Documents

I propose the attached change to DOMOutputter. This seems to work. Test case package test import org.jdom.Document import org.jdom.Element import org.jdom.output.DOMOutputter public class JDo
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