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Any sign of 1.1?

I just -- for approximately the zillionth time on yet another computer -- downloaded and compiled JDOM from cvs because of a bug to do with XSLT and namespaces that 's in the 1.0 release and that alw

Why does setText( "  ") not do what I want?

Hi I read "Why does setText( "  ") not do what I want? " in FAQ but I do not understand the 2 solutions. >The solution is to pass regular Unicode characters to the setText() >method or if you ha

New to JDOM needs help :)

Hi all No worry. I found the solution. thankz ) JDOM rocks ) -- View this message in context http // Sent from the JDOM -

ampersand entity parsing

Hello. I realize this may not be a pure JDOM issue but figured I would post this question here as I have not been able to find anything substantive. I have a text node like <name >Peter & Paul <

Re: unwanted namespace attributes

Edelson Justin ha scritto > > Should I set something to avoid it? > You could call element.setNamespace(Namespace.NO_NAMESPACE) Justin this way the namespace is removed at all and I get <CBIHdrBd

unwanted namespace attributes

Hi I am using the XMLOutputter to capture in a String the output of an element with all its sons. The original XML has an element like this <BODY CBIHdrBdyInv > which gets printed as <BODY CBIHdr

Document converting < and > characters into < and >

Hi Robert That issue is addressed in this FAQ entry http // -jh- Heise Robert wrote > Hello > > Im wondering if anybody can assist or has run into this issue

Document converting < and > characters into < and >

Hello Im wondering if anybody can assist or has run into this issue before I have an external source which is returning xml. When I obtain that xml via BufferedReader the xml looks like this <

Re: IWSJ MiniProject 1. Receiving "chunked-encoded " data from th

Hi Problem was simply reading theinpustream which I later figured out. I could also give the inputstream from the opened HttpUrlConnection as input to the constructor of a SAXBuilder. Now I have t

RE: Parsing WSDL with JDOM

Thank you Adding the trailing slashes make the parsing work. But now I 've got a different problem ... when I parse the file (with the same code) i get this error org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException

Parsing WSDL with JDOM

Hi I 'm new to JDOM and I 'm having problems parsing a WSDL file. Here is what I 'm doing String namespace_defs new String() namespace_defs "http // http //schemas.xmlso

Namespace Dropped

When I run your input sample through SAXBuilderDemo I get this The prefix "resources.jms " for element "resources.jms JMSProvider " is not bound. So it seems you didn 't send a full sample file. I a

Imcompatibility with GPL

Hi! I tried to register a new free software project at Savannah and learned hat JDOM is not compatible with GPL and thus cannot be legally combined with GPL 'ed libraries. I have previously heard s

How to validate xml using xsd?

Hi i am using the code below to validate an xml using an xsd. The corresponding xml and xsd have been attached. Despit the xml being valid according to my editor which validates against the xsd i k

JDOM <- > JTree Adapter

Hello has someone written a class which extends the DefaultTreeModel or implements a TreeModel? I want to read an XML-file display it in a JTree and want to make changes with the JDOM as the underl

JAXP performance problems

I 've recently found two JAXP performance problems. I 've filed a bug with Sun on them. I 've seen these calls in the JDOM source and want to call attention to them. When used in conjunction with Tomcat

Problem with save sub element

Hi I worked with JDOM und like it very well but I have a problem with saving into xml the sub element. I can add an Element and save it but when I add sub element it will saved as an Element. Ple

retrieving the children of an element as text

Hi I have an element and I want to retrieve a String which contains the children of my element including their text. For example if I have mainelement in this way <mainelement > <one >one </one > <

setIndent( " ") doesn 't work as expected

I 'm currently outputting my document with the PrettyFormat... Format fmt Format.getPrettyFormat() fmt.setTextMode(Format.TextMode.PRESERVE) XMLOutputter outputter new XMLOutputter(fmt) ...and

Attribute vs text

On Fri 1 Sep 2006 Jason Hunter wrote > Hi Bjorn > > 0x0 is a null character. Somehow that snuck into your file and it 's illegal > XML. You could strip null characters wherever they appear in

Attribute vs text (fwd)

Hey all I recent got an error report from my app in the field that read in part org.jdom.IllegalDataException The data "Celine Dion^@ " is not legal for a JDOM attribute 0x0 is not a legal XML

Handling Non printable ascii characters

Hi Team I am getting the following exception while parsing the xml File with non printable ascii characters. MarshalException Parsing Error An invalid XML character (Unicode 0x11) was

Element.getAttributeValue() escapes backslashes

Hello I 'm using JDOM to parse an element whose attributes contain backslashes. It is essentially of this form xml document --- <my-document > <my-element anAttribute "some text \ some text "/ > </m

JDOM and XPath confusion

Hi Folks Apologies for the newbie question I hope this list is the right place to post this. I 'm trying to use the JDOM implementation for XPath and am consistently getting no results from any

Empty xmlns in reconstructed XML

Hi I 'm trying to insert a child element into a document. For example the following document - <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "UTF-8 "? > <resource-lists xmlns "urn ietf params xml ns resource-lists " >

RE: jdom-interest Digest, Vol 25, Issue 8

This should do what you 're want

problems applying XSL transform to JDOM

I 'm using JDOM 1.0 with Java 1.4.2. I 'm trying to use the method shown here to apply an XSL transform to my JDOM document... http // It a

Parsing XML with JDOM

I 'm trying to get the children of children out of this XML file and I 'm having a heck of a time. I 've read every website you could possibly think of and cannot figure out how to pull out Children o

Getting XML-version / Encoding

Dear group I 'd like to know how to get the "entry " XML-Version / Encoding (e.g. <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "ISO-8859-1 "? > from the Document. I have to split out an XML Document in several smaller

How many bytes is my JDOM Document

I want to find out how many bytes my document is. An easy way would be to stream the document to disk and then call File.size () but is there any way to find out without saving the document to disk
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