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I have a model.xml file which I have placed in a directory /home/huma/ab???. But when I parse this file I get a MalformedURLException. Strangely if the same file is moved to the location /home/huma

Avoid linebreak when using   org.jdom.Element.RemoveChild

JDOM works exactly as it is supposed to. You have "text " between <Orange/ > and <Green/ > even if it contains only whitespaces and newlines. Which format have you used for the Outputter? S?ren Faltz

Avoid linebreak when using org.jdom.Element.RemoveChild

When I use the removechild method an empty line occurs in the Jdom document how do I avoid this empty line??? When I use the removechild method an empty line occurs in the Jdom document how do I

UnsupportedClassVersionError when running with JRE   1.4.2

The official distribution was and is built against JDK 1.2 to avoid this issue. If you 're getting that error it means you 're not using the JAR we officially distribute. Why don 't you download ag

UnsupportedClassVersionError when running with JRE 1.4.2

Hi all I intend to use JDOM within a proprietary ESB which unfortunately is bound to using JRE 1.4.2. Using the jdom.jar from the 1.0 package downloaded from (Septemeber 9th) I get this

How to optimize xpath in jdom

Hello I am using Xpath available in jdom. The xml file is of 9MB size. It is taking a lot of time to query a simple xpath like /Root/Parent/Child[name "abc "]/GrandChild I am trying to get the val

a question about node type

Hello JDOM is a very convenient interface to manipulate XML elements but I think it lacks one useful functionality that is present in W3C DOM implementation - a node type distinction available fro

"package org.jdom.output " does not exist

I am getting the above error although my class path settings are CLASSPATH . C \Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\lib\ext\ C \java\jdom-b10\build %JDOM_HOME%\build\classes %JAVA_HOME%\lib\t

how to resolve references with iterator?

Hi my problem is to resolve references to other xml-tags. Here is my xml file <Project > <KEYs name "host " id "23 " lookup "/Project/Area/[@(protected) ' 'YES '] " id "/ Project/Area/[@(protected) ' 'YES '] " / >

AW: [jdom-interest] CDATA outputting issue

> Hmmm I 'd expect that too. Looking at XMLOutputter in the > method printTextRange is a if statement preceded with the > comment "This may save a little time ". Comment out that if > statement

CDATA outputting issue

Hi everyone! It 's been a long time since my last post on this list - happy to be back -) As a long time user of jdom I 'm currently struggling with an issue that I don 't think I can find a workarou

Element.addContent won 't accept String in   Collection

I just added this. -jh- Jason Hunter wrote > You 're right a String should be suitable to add there. If you 'd like > to add it I think the way to do so is to check if it 's a String and if > so

Help on JDOM Element

Hi All Im having problems in displaying an xml data from the database. Data field is called "XMLData " and the data type is varchar. Im using MySQL as my DB.. When I view the xml file it produce

xpath + namespace + no prefix

Hi I 'm having a bit of a problem. I 'm receiving an XML document with the following example stucture <C >1234 </C > If I try this XPath xPath XPath.newInstance( "//C ") List <Element >

Subject: DTD location

I have a folder in a netbeans webapp. /NB-Projects/whatever/app/WEB-INF/fistx/ . In that folder I have two files. windsor.xml and its dtd fist.dtd . windsor.xml starts with these two lines <?xml

SetIndent( " ") removes cariage returns

Hello I sent mail about a week ago asking if there was a way to create XML output that had new lines (carriage return) but no indents... for example Format format Format.getPrettyFormat() fo

ElementScanner and Memory

I have a 1.2 GB xml file I need to parse. Since it 's nicely partitioned I planned on using ElementScanner from the contrib package to only load one item at a time. Here 's an equivalent schema <da

to change element text (keeping children)

Hi! I am trying to change the text of an element in a dom keeping its children. n.setText( "b ") Here the setText method changes the text deleting n 's children. I tried the following code Elemen

Problems on validating XML against Schema using JDOM

Hi I am trying to validate a xml against schema. I have successfully validated the xml against the schema in XMLSpy. But when i am trying to validate it in my java code using JDOM it is giving me

Linearising a document

It has come to my attention that the term used for linearising a dom may be known as marshalling. i.e. laying out the whole dom as a flat file xml style. What 's unmarshalling anyway? The question at

Element.addContent won 't accept String in Collection

JDOM javadoc says [javadoc] Element addContent(java.util.Collection collection) Appends all children in the given collection to the end of the content list. Element addContent(int index java.uti

What is a jdom context?

Given a jdom doc and a jdom xpath I wish to extract whatever this xpath is pointing to in the doc. The jdom javadoc for class XPath says selectNodes(java.lang.Object context java.lang.String pat

Format setIndent() problem

Hello I need to be able to remove indents (but retain newlines) using the Format class which gets passed into the XMLOutputter class. I am using JDOM v1.0. When I set the indent to an empty stri

Request to unfinalise or implement interface for   Namespace c

Hi It 's final for a reason. Removing it risks breaking internal assumptions that expect no subclasses. I recommend you either make a custom build of your own or explain here what you 're trying

Request to unfinalise or implement interface for Namespace class

I am writing a script parser and need to extend org.jdom.Namespace . I wish to request a new release of jdom that would either 1. Remove the final modifier from the Namespace class definition. 2. R

Having problem with adding data in to xml file

<div dir 'ltr ' > <p > <font face "Arial " size "3 " >Hi </font > </p > <p > <font face "Arial " size "3 " >I am new to JDOM below is the piece of code which I have written. </font > </p > <p > <font face "Arial " size "3 " >El

RE: Getting xml header for every input into xml file

Edelson Justin wrote > > Do you mean the XML declaration (see > http // > > If so then you can omit this by using the org.jdom.output.Format

Re: Why does setText( " ") not do what I want?

Many thanks for your replies especially thanks to Justin Edelson. I made some success but the output via xsl is not working yet. Input is working

Getting xml header for every input into xml file

Hi I am new to JDOM and I am getting xml headers for every input into xml file. I am inputting name and age into xml file through java swings. Below is the code that writes the data in

Need help on parsing XML in JSP

Hi all. Im having problems on how to parse an xml by JSP Can anyone teach me how to parse an XML below by jsp without using taglibs. Im using JDOM to display my poblem is how to parse it
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