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- Re: Can Seam Remoting use JSON over XML?

I evaluated using JSON however decided against it because it is non-recursive. You do have the option though of trimming parts of the object graph that is returned by specifying the exclude attribute

- Re: pages.xml restrict rule does not work in 2.0 GA

Do you have a redirect configured for the exception? View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109511#4109511

- Re: seam-bay web services example broken in Seam 2.0

It 's not broken rather JBossWS keep changing their endpoint URL between releases. If you browse to http //localhost 8080/jbossws/services you 'll see a list of deployed web services. *Currently* whe

- how to attach Javadocs to JBoss Runtime

Hi I need to attach javadoc urls to the jar in the JBoss Runtime however when I click on a jar (inside Package Explorer tab) in the Javadoc section I see this message anonymous wrote The current

- seam-bay web services example broken in Seam 2.0.0GA

I posted a reply to a previous topic but there are 2 things I need help with. I did an ant clean followed by an ant deploy for the seam-bay example. I am running on JBoss 4.2.2. The home page for t

- pages.xml restrict rule does not work in 2.0 GA

I had this rule by mistake in my pages.xml | <page view-id "/notificationAdmin.xhtml " login-required "true " > | <restrict >#{s hasRole( 'ultra-user ')} </restrict > | </page > | There is

- Re: can 't find datasource problem when mirgrate from

Well I have put my -ds.xml file under WEB-INF and WEB-INF\classes and even META_INF of my application directory but it all doesn 't work! I don 't understand why it is so hard for configuration. But

- Re: Seam in clustered environment.

So I just upgraded Seam and I didn 't encounter this error but I am still required to login again after the active cluster instance becomes disabled. My session data appears to be replicated yet Seam

- Can Seam Remoting use JSON over XML?

There is quite a bit of overhead data returned in its present state. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109495#4109495 Reply to the post http //www.

- problem with exception handling

I put the following in pages.xml to test exception handling | . | . <exception > | <end-conversation/ > | <redirect view-id "/genericErrorPage.xhtml " > | | </redi

- Re: External Client and Seam Security

http // Cheers! View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109492#4109492 Reply to the post http //

- Re: Using J2SE App. as the Server for an EJB3-based A

does your client have access to all the classes your sending on its classpath? as another alternative you could try using JCA to communicate with the j2se app. View the original post http //www.jb

- Re: duplicate method: _getAdvisor

Ryan Help is always welcome ) We are going to need to reproduce the error so we can test our fix. Is it enough trying to intercept a simple example of hibernate? Or is there any aditional step w

- Re: Table per class with different ID generators

have you tried using @(protected) then? View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109488#4109488 Reply to the post http //

- Re: how to check entity bean state change ?

hibernate does most (if not all) of that for you. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109485#4109485 Reply to the post http //

- Re: Bad experience with JBossAS tools

did you try the latest nightly build ? we have not been able to reproduce your issue... View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109486#4109486 Reply to th

- Re: Trapping Seam Remoting AJAX errors.

Yes/No ? View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4109484#4109484 Reply to the post http // bb&op posting&mode reply&p 41094

- Re: When do you need to create additional instance

Huh interesting. Although unfortunately it 's not finding the PortletBridge even with the correct package in portlet.xml <portlet > | <portlet-name >eHealthPortletBridge </portlet-name > |

- Re: 4.2.2 wont deploy

Forgot to mention that I was using SEAM. And I compared all the configuration files with one of the SEAM examples didn 't see any differences other than name references. View the original post http

- Initial State Transfer Failure

Hi - I 'm new to JBossCache and we are having an initial state transfer failure. Once the clustered caches are up - they talk fine and new objects or updates replicate perfectly. The problem is that if

- Re: Initial State Transfer Failure

Sorry the config file didn 't get posted correctly <!--

- Re: Tutorial: User Friendly Paging with Seam

How does Seam handle setting multiple page parameters for a stateless session bean? I used a SLSB in the tutorial which might be the wrong approach as SLSB cannot hold state across invocations. View

- Re: Custom Logger in J

Have you tried defining your loggers inside the log4j.xml that you place in your server 's conf directory? It would look something like this Inside your class private Logger dataLog Logger.getLog

- Re: s:fileUpload not actually sending output?

I resolved the TrinidadListener class not def found (it was some JBoss stuff hanging around in the tmp deployer folder) So I 'm seeing the same behavior. With Trinidad the InputStream is null. I actua

- Re: Using fine-grained pages.xml

All I fixed the issue by placing the page definitions within our /view layer aside with the actual .xhtml page files. I definitely think the documentation should reflect this as it 's

- I need help with scope type

Hi I use jboss-seam-1.2.1.GA and jboss-4.0.5.GA. I need to perform a member registration for the web site I 'm working on. The registration perform some server side validation. I also have some ajax

- Re: Time when server started from ws

"PeterJ " wrote Use the StartDate attribute of the jboss.system type Server MBean. Thanks! It works great ) View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4101061

- Re: Trouble Getting the Most Basic SeamTest to Work

I have moved to CR3 and based on the Wiki example have reconfigured my classpath to load libraries in a special order. Here is the classpath which I hope is self-explanatory | <path id "seam.te

- Re: Native Launcher Is

See http // bb&op viewtopic&t 116891 abd http // bb&op viewtopic&t 113961 View the original post http //

- Native Launcher Issues

Hi I 'm trying to create a Windows service for a jboss instance. The problem is that I do not use the default configuration name I use my own configuration but it seems as though the Native Launche
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