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Subject: - Re: IllegalStateException after idle

We are also seeing the same error message. We are using JBoss 4.0.5 (clustered with 3 nodes) and ours is Struts based web application with log4j-1.2.14. This problem is not reproducible at will. So f

Subject: - Re: What is the scope of JSF 's UI component tree in Seam

Seam does not manage the ui component tree. The actual component tree scope is request. In the end of the request the tree state is serialized and kept in the session and the state is restored on post

Subject: - How to refresh datamodel in EntityQuery

A need to refresh datatable/datamodel from database. I want to do this from component that removes one of entity from the list. I tried several ways 1) reset to null datamodel on injected EntityQu

Subject: - Re: Seam email problem

I dont 't think the problem is in mail-service.xml. I have changed the values there many times. The problem is that seam somehow doesn 't load the configuration from components.xml and set the host por

Subject: - Help me ! Help me!

org.jbpm.JbpmException closed JbpmContext in different order then they were created... check your try-finally 's around JbpmContexts blocks at org.jbpm.JbpmConfiguration.popJbpmContext(JbpmConfigurat

Subject: - Re: please help me out of this problem

I had this problem in another page and after binding that component it worked but here I have 6 text fields I don 't want to bind all of them. View the original post http //

Subject: - CacheManager

Hello User Environment Application Server jboss-4.2.1.GA Database PostgerSQL 8.2 Portal jboss-portal-2.6.1.GA This is regarding a warning message during startup anonymous wrote 12 01 02 037

Subject: - Re: Strange - Entry Point not receive WS Message data

| <env Envelope xmlns env "http // " > | <env Header > | <env ZHeader UID "3cbb22bd 1147cceacb0 -8000 " UserName "qa1@(protected) "/ > | </env Header > | <env

Subject: - What is the scope of JSF 's UI component tree in Seam

In pure JSF app JSF 's UI component tree would be in session. However in Seam there is a concept of conversation and (I believe) in different conversations UI tree could be different. Does it mean Seam

Subject: - Authorization and authentication in Jboss Portal

Hello everybody! I am rather new to JBoss Portal but I 've met my first problem that I can 't solve for a long time... On the forum authorization/authentication theme is one of the most popular and I 'v

Subject: - TransactionSuccessEvent and TransactionCompletionEvent

What is the difference between the two? Based on the source code javadoc TransactionSuccessEvent An event that is processed when a transaction completes succesfully TransactionCompletionEvent A

Subject: - Re: about Jbpm scheduler

Make sure you have created a JbpmContext and haven 't closed it before starting your process. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080265#4080265 Reply

Subject: - Re: how list all tasks?

I realize I 've asked questions like these before but the threads wandered off the topic. I 'd have to think there are enumerators for all processinstances taskinstances etc. but I haven 't found th

Subject: - Re: Stateless or Statefull

thanks for reply i just wanna tell u that im using DataModel and DataModelSelection and some Out Variable is that mean i must use statfull SB does that statfull SB expires when the session ends und

Subject: - Re: attach javascript to jpdl generated task form save butto

I don 't use JSF I use plain JSP. So I simply create my JSP pages as I want them with javascript and everything and deploy them with my process definition. I use a similair mechanism that the jbpm-c

Subject: - how list all tasks?

JbpmContext.getTaskList() fetches the TaskInstance list for the current authenticated actor. Is there a way to get a list of TaskInstances for all actors in the process? View the original post htt

Subject: - Re: Help on Best Practice

Ronald Do you mean the Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM book by Matt Cumberlidge? I 've just finished reading it and it gives a very good overview on both BPM and jBPM with a good starter

Subject: - Re: Can not seem to name foreign keys in relationships

did you try to specify the name with referencedColumnName @(protected)(name "catalogueFk " referencedColumnName "catalogue ") View the original post http // bb&op vie

Subject: - Re: Authenticator problem in Seam 2 beta

I had the same problem and DID have older drools jars somewhere. Was solved when I removed those. So look in other projects etc... View the original post http // bb&o

Subject: - Mails status

Hi Questions 1- How to verify the status of a mail send by a J2ee application mail correctly send (OK) error case the mail does not send to messaging server ( unavailable server acces denied

Subject: - No Principal propagation to SessionBean

Hi everybody I 've developed a EJB3.0 Application now I want to add security using JAAS. The client is a rich Delphi application that comunicates with server via HTTP througth a servelt. This servl

Subject: - Re: New AOP users forum

Hi I am new using jboss aop... I understand about AOP.. I can use that "jboss aop " standalone but I can not run a simple interceptor that say hello in my jboss server 4.05 GA please is there any m

Subject: - Re: Seam email problem

<property name "mail.smtp.port " value "465 "/ > Is this secure SMTP? This is a highly unsual setting. I think before TLS could be initialized during the session the port was used for secure SMTP. Anyw

Subject: - Re: how to use @Roles?

ok I know about it. Assume that we defined those roles now in our session beans how we can use it? for example I have an Authenticator Session bean in which a User instance variable is defined as

Subject: - Re: Authenticator problem in Seam 2 beta

As far as jars in /lib directory are considered I deleted all jars from my project and then copied the ones which were generated in a new template project. And that new project was generated using Sea

Subject: - Re: Authenticator problem in Seam 2 beta

Thank You for the reply but as I migrated I also copied drools-core-4.0.0.MR2.jar and drools-compiler-4.0.0.MR2.jar into my project. So the problem exists with these new libraries ( Is it something e

Subject: - Re: Authenticator problem in Seam 2 beta

You should upgrade drools + dependencies. I suspect you have stale jars lying around. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080235#4080235 Reply to the

Subject: - Re: Problem using JBPM in Seam 2

read the seam2migration guide View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080233#4080233 Reply to the post http // bb&op posti

Subject: - Re: Authenticator problem in Seam 2 beta

You need to upgrade drools to the version shipped in Seam2 beta View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080232#4080232 Reply to the post http //www.jboss

Subject: - Re: how to use @Roles?

With @(protected) and @(protected) you can define only two components with the same scope or not | @(protected)( "user ") | @(protected)(SESSION) | @(protected)(name "user2 " scope SESSION) | There is no such limi
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