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Subject: - Reducing size of the default JBoss AS 4.2.1 server for Seam

Hi I 'm trying to install JBoss AS 4.2.1 to load 2 seam application on a virtual server. The problem is that it has just 64MB of memory (I 'm asking if I can increase it) and after the installing of b

Subject: - Re: No Principal propagation to SessionBean

Hi and thanks for your quick answer Yes as Q3 shows I 've added to my config-file the line <login-module code " " flag "required " / > but it does not work. If I

Subject: - Re: JSF or Seam Question? - Now, hopefully, to be a Seam enh

Sounds good. I added my vote. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080384#4080384 Reply to the post http // bb&op posti

Subject: - Re: custom task instance problem

hi guys ok it was just a small problem in the hibernate mapping file. it has been a long time since i mapped the last subclass... regards gregor View the original post http //

Subject: - Re: seam transactions

If i understood it correctly <transaction entity-transaction entity-manager "entityManager "/ > and <transaction ejb-transaction / > defines the transactionmanager to use. and the flag transa

Subject: - Re: ejb-jar.xml file

We don 't use them but as far as I understand it all can be declared by annotations on class or method level. Have a look at http // and watch out for javax.annotation.s

Subject: - Re: Need IPC Sample

The doc says you need to reference your listerner as an mbean. So if you don 't have one already create a sar file with a jboss-service.xml file View the original post http //

Subject: - Re: deploy jbpm3.1.2 to tomcat5.0.28 with oracle9i

Hi everybody i am trying to configure jbpm 3.2.1 with Oracle database but i am not successfuly in deploying completely.......can anyone post here the action steps to configure with oracle9i database.

Subject: - JBOSS 4.2.1 GA does not work with SEAM in netbeans

I tried creating a sample project in netbeans using the Seamgenerator with no manual configuration change. These are the steps i followed 1. I downloaded and added the JBOSS 4.2.1 GA to Netbeans as a

Subject: - Re: No Principal propagation to SessionBean

See if Q3 and Q7 at http // SecurityFAQ are of any help. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080366#4080366 Reply to t

Subject: - Re: Custom MBean

http // ExampleHelloWorldService View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080364#4080364 Reply to the post http //www.j

Subject: - Re: JBOSS 5 Beta 2

http // ClassNotFoundJava.lang.StringInJDK6 View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080363#4080363 Reply to the post h

Subject: - JBOSS 5 Beta 2

JBOSS 5 Beta 2 does not start with Netbeans IDE. Who can help with this. which forum is best for it? Netbeans/ JBOSS The startup gets stuck at the following statement 23 09 47 972 INFO [ServerImpl

Subject: - Re: preferences in portlet-instances.xml

i tried again with other portlets. after adding the necessary info into the portlet.xml and portlet-instances.xml deploying and restarting i only received the value from the portlet.xml file. after

Subject: - Re: Need IPC Sample

i would like to repeat my questions from the post above. does that code example from the link 2 posts above work for Portal 2.6? do i have to create a jboss-service.xml if yes where or do i have to

Subject: - Re: jboss 4.0.5 to jboss 4.2.1 simple question

Ok I see its been deprecated. My mistake. Regards Martin View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080355#4080355 Reply to the post http //

Subject: - @Create vs. @Factory

Hi gurus I have a question about @(protected) and @(protected) could anyone explain what exactly the difference between these two? and also when i want to initialize some stuff there are actually 3 ways

Subject: - jboss 4.0.5 to jboss 4.2.1 simple question

Why has commons-httpclient.jar had org.apache.commons.httpclient.util.Base64 removed. There is jboss-common.jar org.jboss.util.Base64 seemingly offering the sameish api The license.txt states the s

Subject: - Custom MBean

Can I write my own MBean and register it in the MBean server? Basicallty I want to manage moniter control my application through MBean View the original post http //

Subject: - Re: How to use application owns in JBoss 3.2

Have you tried http // Log4jRepositorySelector ? It worked for us.. View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080349#4080349

Subject: - Thread issue in Application server.

I have one application talking with different hardware devices like reader to read RFID Tag Data or continuously update status of the RFID printers and print Tags. This application runs on lots of TH

Subject: - Re: SSL & Authorization

nevermind that... i blame confusion on being up for three days straight trying to overcome the laws of chaos that have been attacking my brainchild. (because i can 't blame myself ).... i had mistaken

Subject: - Re: SSL & Authorization

I have the same error. i was trying to connect a mailSession to a server running TLS on a self signed cert. not sure if i 'm missing something. ive read the wiki associated with installing the keys a c

Subject: - Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address

Hello I am trying to run a simple app with email sending made like (node enter event) | <mail to "wadisnake@(protected) " > | <subject >Hello </subject > | <text > Test <

Subject: - How to configure APache CXF with JBossws stack.

Are their any notes or instructions somewhere where i can find how to configurs Apache CXF with Jbowss 2.0.1 stack. Anyone who has done this. Vishal View the original post http //

Subject: - Re: Wsconsume generated Stubs failing with JBoss-4.2.0

Hi Thomas It looks to me wsdl to java generation for complex types is not corrcet in JBoss ws stack at all. I 'm certain now its a bug in implementation. I have tried to hack the wsdl to work proper

Subject: - Re: attach javascript to jpdl generated task form save butto

if it is jsp you probably do not use the jsf tags. In that case it is like any other jsp page which includes javascript View the original post http // bb&op viewtopi

Subject: - Re: Dynamic due date in timer

anonymous wrote So there is no way to alter the timer through the existing interfaces in 3.2.x? No may just not at the time you want to modify it. anonymous wrote When executing the 'node ' acti

Subject: - Re: how list all tasks?

what happens if you try an actor of '% ' or '* ' or likewise View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 4080337#4080337 Reply to the post http //

Subject: - Re: JSF or Seam Question?

I will be great to have this in Seam UI. Thanks. JIRA issue added http // View the original post http // bb&op viewtopic&p 408
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