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[jdom-interest] Preparing for JDOM 2.0.3

Rolf Lear


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Hi All.

A few issues have been identified in JDOM over the past few weeks. When
the first issue was resolved (unable to serialize subclasses of Element
outside org.jdom2 package) I promised to release 2.0.3 over this past
weekend, but a second (low priority) issue was identified (lack of
support for specific JAXP factory).

Additionally, 'Canadian Wilf' showed interest in improving the
performance of the Verifier code. As a result, I have been working with
Wilf to get the Verifier code 'fast'.

Taken together, it all means that I have 'slipped' this release date...

Right now the performance changes have been completed successfully, with
the Verifier now running in about one third of the time it used to. This
speeds up parsing considerably. THere is a wiki page documenting the
process here:

I have just built the 'hotfix' package containing all fixes since JDOM
2.0.2 and posted it to github here:

I intend to release the full 2.0.3 package on this coming weekend
(slipping the 2.0.3 release date by 1 week).

Thanks & Happy Coding

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