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[jdom-interest] Pending fix for issue #93

Rolf Lear


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Hi all.

Recently issue #93 was filed (this morning), and I have a fix out for it

This issue relates to using JDOM in a security-constrained environment (in
this case, an applet). The actual issue is that some of the JDOM code
references System.getProperties(), and some properties are not accessible
from Applets.

This issue is contained within a very limited scope of JDOM usage, so it
should have no impact on regular JDOM users.

Still, you should probably be aware of it.

The issue has been fixed, and there is a hotfix package of JDOM with the
fix available on the github download site.

I will be scheduling a formal release of JDOM 2.0.4 for the October
timeframe unless something else comes up before that.

Thanks all

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