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Re: [jdom-interest] SIGSEGV (segmentation fault) error occurred
during init a JDOM element

Rolf Lear


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Hi Krish.

This problem is almost certainly not related directly to JDOM. PermGen space is typically very small, and only used for two common purposes:
 - storing class definitions
 - storing String constants

 For your interest, the most common causes of PermGen Exhaustion that I know of are:

- using Tomcat and loading/unloading servlets - each 'classloader' has it's own space in PermGen, and since each servlet has it's own classloader the PermGen fills up fast because so many classes are duplicated in different places in PermGen
- Using lots of String.intern() calls - String.intern() uses a String constant reference from PermGen (or creates one if there was not one already). If you have many calls to String.intern() it can fill up PermGen very fast. JDOM does not do String.intern()


On 25/02/2013 1:30 AM, Krishnendu Roy Chowdhury wrote:


I have faced a problem related to segmentation fault in Linux box. I got following error -

J org.jdom.Element.<init>(Ljava/lang/String;)V
siginfo:si_signo=SIGSEGV: si_errno=0, si_code=2 (SEGV_ACCERR), si_addr=0x00002aab2ac30000


error  occurred during error reporting (printing native stack), id 0xb

It is also shows in the log that 100% use of PermGen space. Why this segmentation fault occurred? Is it related to JDK or JDOM?

In my understanding, problem is related to JDK and occurred due to 100% use of PermGen space. But I am not sure as Problematic frame is J.

Another interesting point is "error occurred during error reporting (printing native stack), id 0xb".

I am using JDK6up20 and Linux environment. Please find attached logs for details.


Please help me. 


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