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[jdom-interest] [ANN] eviware and PushToTest Announced New

Frank Cohen


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Hi JDOM Fans:

Would you please pass this news on to your friends and readers?
PushToTest and eviware announced a new partnership to deliver highly
integrated open-source test automation tools and platforms for SOA
and Web service projects.

The press release is found below in this message. You may also
download the press release at:

Additionally, PushToTest launched a new section of its Web site
devoted to soapUI users at:

Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks.



Press Release copy:

For more information contact:

Niclas Reimertz, Eviware, Sweden, +46 70 666 5921, niclas@(protected)
Frank Cohen, PushToTest, California, USA, (408) 871-0122,

Eviware™ and PushToTest™ Announce Partnership To Deliver Open Source
Test Automation Solutions for Web Services

Users Enjoy Greater Integration Between soapUI And PushToTest

February 4, 2008 – CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA, USA – Eviware, the world
leader in open-source Web service soapUI test automation tools, and
PushToTest, the world leader in open-source enterprise Web
application, Web service, Ajax, and Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) test automation solutions announced a far-ranging partnership
to benefit Information Technology (IT) organizations that are
challenged to surface performance and scalability issues with load
and performance test automation, regression test automation, and
business service monitoring solutions. In a clear win for customers
and users, Eviware and PushToTest will build advanced integration
between Eviware soapUI Pro and PushToTest and to sell and support
test automation solutions in the USA and Canadian marketplaces.

InfoWorld rated PushToTest and soapUI to be "excellent" individually
and PushToTest customers are looking for outstanding integration! For
instance, many mid-size and large enterprises use soapUI to read Web
Service Description Language (WSDL) documents and in a few clicks of
the mouse write a multi-step test suite. Using PushToTest these tests
run in a test lab of 10 servers to generate 2,000 concurrently
running test suites. PushToTest reports then show an SOA
environment's scalability index to help plan for hardware purchases
and network bandwidth needs.

Under terms of the partnership the Eviware and PushToTest agreement
delivers the following to customers and users:

Eviware and PushToTest to build advanced integration and offer
integrated Web Service test automation. While PushToTest version 5.0
currently integrates Eviware soapUI 2, Eviware and PushToTest will
build deeper integration to provide support for Mock Services
(virtualized services for testing,) advanced reporting for soapUI
test suites, and Repository and Scheduler functions for soapUI test
suites into upcoming product releases.

PushToTest to build Eclipse plug-in with advanced integration with
soapUI Eclipse Plug-in.

Enterprises are challenged to surface performance and load issues,
regression and functional issues, and to accomplish business service
monitoring in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.
Eviware soapUI is the recognized open-source Web service test suite
development tool. soapUI users easily work with WSDL and SOAP-based
Web services in an entirely graphical environment. soapUI features
test suite creation and debugging. For instance, soapUI provides easy
Mock Service creation to build virtualized services for test
development where the real service is unavailable. PushToTest
operates soapUI tests in a distributed test environment and provides
hundreds of reports that enable users to do root cause analysis and
remediation of SOA performance and regression problems. PushToTest
repurposes soapUI tests into Business Service Monitors (BSM) with no
additional programming.

About Eviware

Eviware is the company behind soapUI, the popular Open Source Web
Service testing tool. soapUI offers extensive functionality for Web
Service inspection, functional and other testing, as well as load
testing and Web Service mocking. soapUI aspires to be a tool that
makes life easier for all Web Service developers, testers and project
managers. soapUI is distributed under a LGPL license and with 10 000
weekly downloads soapUI is the most used Web Service testing tool in
the world. soapUI Pro is the Professional Version offering support as
well as productivity enhancements and unique functionality such as
WSDL Test Coverage. Details at or http://

About PushToTest

PushToTest is a professional open-source software publisher of test
automation tools, methodology, and training to medium and large sized
enterprises, including The Jackson Laboratory, General Motors, TIBCO,
and Wynn Las Vegas. PushToTest's mission is to provide flexible open-
source test automation solutions that encourage reuse and sharing
among software architects, developers, Quality Assurance (QA)
testers, and Information Technology (IT) Managers. PushToTest
solutions integrate into modern software development environments and
leverage agile, test-first, and unit testing expertise into
functional tests, performance and load tests, and business service
monitoring. PushToTest designed its technology for Service Oriented
Architecture (SOA,) Ajax, Web applications, Web services, and REST
applications. PushToTest is an extensible framework that is easily
extended to handle new protocols, message formats, encoding styles,
and test operations. PushToTest is a distributed architecture where
tests scale vertically and horizontally. PushToTest solutions have 6
years of development, 5th generation, active development community,
and a 3-year product roadmap. PushToTest solutions cost a fraction of
competing commercial tools. Established in 2001, PushToTest is an
established profitable professional software publisher with more than
160,000 users and thousands of enterprises.

PushToTest is a trademark of the PushToTest company. eviware and
soapUI are trademarks of eviware.

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