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[jdom-interest] NPE in Element.setAttribute(...) - possible bug

Karianne Berg


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Hello list,


I’m using JDOM for my project, and I think I have found a bug in the Element.setAttribute(…) method. If Element.setAttribute(String, String, Namespace) is called with a namespace that is null, a NullPointerException is thrown. Here is the relevant part of the stacktrace:



                at org.jdom.AttributeList.indexOf(

                at org.jdom.AttributeList.get(

                at org.jdom.Element.getAttribute(

                at org.jdom.Element.setAttribute(


Elements, however, have the behavior that if you pass in a null Namespace to the constructor, the namespace is set to Namespace.NO_NAMESPACE. I think it is logical that the behavior should be the same in attributes. If the list agrees that this is in fact a bug, I would be happy to provide a patch for this – it seems to be quite trivial to fix.


Best regards,

Karianne Berg

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