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[jdom-interest] JDOM2 and Performance.

Rolf Lear


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Hi all.

I have put together a 'simple' system for measuring the relative
performance of JDOM2. The idea is that I need to know whether I am
improving or breaking JDOM performance as the code evolves.

Currently the metric code is only useful of you compare apples to
apples, and, in this case, it means processing a single (medium size)
XML document on my laptop, yada-yada-yada. But, it should be useful as a
tool to get a feel for what a code-change does.

Already I can see that I probably have an issue in the SAXHandler
(possibly an issue in JDOM-1.1.2 actually) because 1.1.2 is 5-times
faster in that area than JDOM2.

I have put together a results page here:

It also describes what each test does. If you are interested in seeing
the code and what it does have a look here (it is not well documented
and it is still perhaps evolving):

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