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[iText-questions] Java IText XHTML (LTR and RTL mixed) to PDF using

Cataldo Urso


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I have an problem. I need to convert unicode XHTML content to PDF.

For doing that I am using the XMLWorker, this works well until a paragraph contains an RTL language text like Hebrew. Indeed when a English text is mixed with some Hebrew text, the Hebrew is render in reverse order (the words are mirrored).

I know that is linked to the setting of the text runDirection. Indeed in the document model programming (the API not XMLWorker), it is easy by wrapping the text by PdfPtable/PdfPCell or a ColumText and setting the runDirection in LRT or RTL to activate the bidirectional direction support.

Now I am trying to extend the XMLWorker to support the Unicode bidirectional text but for now I run out of ideas. Anyone solved this kind of issue ?

Cataldo Urso
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