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[iText-questions] Printing a paragraph at the end of a document



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I am generating a report consisting in a group of short fields, like Name, Phone number, age, etc; but at the end I need to show a wider field of commentaries (3 to 5 lines)
For the first short fields I am using function ShowTextAlignedKerned, to print at specifics xy positions

To print the last and wide field, I planed to use a paragraph print, like this:

prg = New Paragraph(text)
prg.SpacingBefore = spb, where spb is the vertical position of the paragraph.
When spb is something like 350 to 368, all goes ok, but when spb is something like 412 or more, I receive the error "unbalanced begin/end text operators"

1. What are the rules for the spacingbefore parameter?
2. Is there another way to print the commentary field at the end of the document?
3. How can I solve this situation?
4. And finally, how can I read the actual vertical position of the cursor after printing the paragraph?
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