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[iText-questions] PdfContentStreamProcessor and Type3 fonts

Gylfi Ingvason


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I'm playing with the PdfContentStreamProcessor - doing some text extraction
testing - in iTextSharp (5.4.2) and I'm finding that Type3 fonts are not
supported. No text is extracted and no errors are thrown even though the
encoding is present and is straight ASCII. It appears that
CMapAwareDocumentFont and the parent DocumentFont classes do not support
Type3. Didn't see any Type1 support either, but support for TrueType and
Type0 appears to be present and the Type1 support may be part of that
although it didn't jump out at me.

Any plans on adding this support in the foreseeable future? If not, can
somebody give me an idea of what would be a reasonable way to roll my own?

BTW, PdfBox has no problems in terms of text extraction using Type3 fonts,
at least not in the testing that I've done so far, but I prefer using
iTextSharp for this if I can get it to work.



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