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[iText-questions] suggestion on the usage of iText with a template

Kulbhushan Azad


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I am new to I-Text ,
have been working on new requirement to generate a PDF document based on a MS word doc template

not sure how well i-Text will fit in the solution and to what extent can i leverage i-Text , however here is what i was thinking of doing

approach 1:

i). Take the MS-Word template and build the corresponding PDF template ( by handcoding using i-text , one time effort for a given ms word template)

ii). use the pdf template (create d in step#1) and dynamically populate the data from the datasource (db/xml file) into the template using i-text ( using stamping or something of that sort)

approach 2:

i) No need to create any pdf template corresponding to the MS Word template , rather , create the required pdf ( with the dynamic data from xml/db) from scratch everytime which matches the MS-Word template

pls suggest which approach i should be taking or of there is a need to modify anything else in any of the steps.

thanks in advance
appreciate advice and suggestions on this

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