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Help : Eclipse doesn't recognize facelets components

ayouB __


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Hi every body,

I'm working now on a web project using MyFaces2.1.6(Facelets)/RichFaces4, i'm surprised of a thing which is :

I have imported an existing web project from my desktop to my Eclipse Helios IDE, when i deployed it, it works noramlly without any interruption but when i open any view page which had an .xhtml extension it give me a warning saying :

Multiple markers at this line
- Error: <ui:composition> is not recognized!
- Warning: discarding unexpected <ui:composition>

The browser is able to diplay each facelet i have in my project including its richfaces components, but eclipse cannot recognize it (ctrl+space doesn't even work !!), what's up pleaase i want solve this problem a long time ago, i made researchs on the internet without any satisfaying result, help mee pleaaase.

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