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Trinidad tag not display correctly in eclipse WPE

Lim Hock-Chai


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I'm using IBM RAD 8.0.2 as my IDE, which is based of eclipse Helios. I've have been using MyFaces and Tomahawk in my web app and everything works well. All the Myfaces and most tomahawk tags are displayed on the WPE design view correctly. I'm now trying to add Trinidad to my web app because I needed its Ajax functionality. But when I try to use Trinidad tag, for example <tr:inputText value="SUBSCRIBER ID"/>, it is not displaying in the design view/split view as what it should be. It simply displays as tr:inputText or whatever tag name I'm using. I've already installed "Apache MyFaces Trinidad Tag Support" on my IDE. Do I need something else for it to be displayed correctly in Eclipse?


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