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no parallel ajax requests anymore with JSF 2.1?

Michael Heinen


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Hi all,

I'm still converting my application (mayfaces, tomahawk and richfaces)
from JSF 1.2 to 2.1.

Now I noticed that parallel ajax requests are not working at all!
E.g. a long running request which calculates something and parallel poll
requests to fetch status or partial results until the first request is

I stumbled over Werner's Blog (at
which contains following statement:
"The official spec enforces following behavior: if you submit an Ajax
post it is either sent directly if no other submit is running or
enqueued until the running ajax submit has terminated and then the
submit is issued."

Are there any workarounds to allow parallel requests?
Or do I have to start new threads manually in my backing beans, which I
really do not like?

Is there something like a migration guide available?
I read many documents and ppts about JSF 2 but never read anything about
this new queing so far.


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