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Problem converting custom components from mojarra to myfaces

Karl Kildén


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We have decided to upgrade to myfaces. Problem: We have about 30 or so in
house components and a lot of things stopped working. Here's a concrete
problem we would really appreciate some help with:

we use onDoubleClick on our datatable and our js function receives:

tr#tableRow:inbox:supplierInvoicesTable:0:0.odd    <-- Mojarra
tr#tableRow:inbox:supplierInvoicesTable:0.odd     <-- Myfaces

Now the number is the row, no Idea why mojarra puts another number in there
but our code is adapted to it. Any idea why there's a difference? We of
course needs our own components to a) work and b) be vendor independent.

Obviously a mistake to never test it with myfaces during development.
Further autogenerated ids, I sadly suspect that people have hardcoded in
generated ids in the components from mojarra - I assume those will break as

Right now it goes like "it feels quicker wow" but.... Nothing works :-)

best regards / Karl
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