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[Trinidad] Richfaces-Myfaces-Trinidad h:commandLink BUG

Luiz Sérgio Araújo de Andrade viana


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Hi \o/ All,

I have a project with myfaces richfaces 3.3.3 and 1.2.10 and had to use the
component of the Trinidad - TreeTable (1.2.14). I made the configurations
recommended in oficiall page, including the declaration in faces-config
that promotes change in the Reder-kit-default for the trinidad used:

>         <default-render-kit-id>
>               org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.core
>         </ Default-render-kit-id>
>   </ Application>

After configuration, everything seems ok in application, rendering all
components normally but I noticed a problem in the operation of performing
an action <h:commandLink> actionListener, shown below:

  <h:commandLink actionListener = "# {abastecimentoBean.imprimir}"
                     value = "" id = "buttonVisualizar">
        <f:attribute name="idabastecimento" value="#{}" />
        <h:graphicImage value="/img/pdf.png" width="20" height="20"
style="border:none;" rendered="#{var.status ne'Cancelado'}"/>

Simply clicking on the link, nothing happens. Checking the html rendered, I
see there really was not any event to be submit. Below is the code rendered
after the application of render-kit-default trinidad.

  <a id = "form:list:1:buttonVisualizar"
     class = "OraLink"
     name = "form:list:1:buttonVisualizar"
     href = "#">
                <img height="20" width="20"
src="/SIN-field/img/pdf.png" style="border:none;">

Now see the code below does not declare rendered when the
render-kit-default application being that of Trinidad:

  <a id = "form:list:1:buttonVisualizar"
     href = "#"
     onclick = "return oamSubmitForm ('form',
form:list:1:buttonVisualizar ')">
               <img height="20" width="20"
src="/SIN-field/img/pdf.png" style="border:none;">

Notice that this yes, the call has the function of the click, that is, as
has been rendered by their should Renderer.

Does anyone have any solution?? It seems a bug in trinidad! I have to
specify a different renderer for a particular component?? I tried other
set-kit renders the faces-config and yet he is not taken into consideration.

JSF APIs used:

richfaces 3.3.3
myfaces 1.2.10
trinidad 1.2.14

Luiz Sergio Viana
©2008 - Jax Systems, LLC, U.S.A.