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Re: [FreeMarker-user] Difficulty with XPath and Namespaces using
 Eclipse with simple ANT build

Daniel Dekany


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 8:18:06 AM, Daniel Dekany wrote:

> Monday, March 26, 2012, 5:19:48 PM, Robert Johnson wrote:
> [snip]
>> <#list document["book/chapter[title='Ch1']/para"] as p>
>>  <p>${p}
>> </#list>
> [snip]
>> As you can see, the XPath just doesn't return anything (nor any
>> error)
> (I does return something: the empty list of matching nodes. Otherwise
> it would stop with an error.)
>> and yet all this is a direct copy out of the documentation on-line.
> The @ is missing before "title" in that XPath expression, so there are
> 0 matches... I will fix this in the docs.

Actually, the Manual was right. The example XML you are using starts
with this comment:

<!-- THIS XML IS USED FOR THE "Accessing attributes" CHAPTER ONLY! -->
<!-- Outside this chapter examples use the XML from earlier.     -->

And that earlier XML that this refers to uses "title" elements, not
"title" attributes. So then the XPath without @ should work.

> [snip]
>> BUT, use this template
>> <#ftl ns_prefixes={"e":""}>
>> <#assign book=document["e:book"]>
> [snip]
>> [freemarker] Mar 26, 2012 4:15:35 PM
>> freemarker.log.JDK14LoggerFactory$JDK14Logger error
>> [freemarker] SEVERE: Template processing error: "Namespace prefix e is not registered."
>> [freemarker] Namespace prefix e is not registered.
>> [freemarker] The problematic instruction:
>> [freemarker] ----------
[freemarker] ==>>> assignment: book=document["e:book"] [on line 2, column 1 in books.ftl]
> This one works for me. The problem in your case seems to be that
> "document" wasn't wrapped by the freemarker.ext.dom, but with
> freemarker.ext.xml, which is a legacy wrapper that's not documented in
> the Manual. If you are using
> here, note the deprecation note that says not to use "document", but
> ".node". So either it should be <#assign book = .node["e:book"]>, or
> you should start with <#assign document = .node>. That the Manual used
> "document" is mere coincidence... it wasn't written with
> FreemarkerXmlTask in mind, as the example itself doesn't use it
> either.

Best regards,
Daniel Dekany

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