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[FreeMarker-user] accessing JAXB generated properties of a bean
(accessing static inner class)

Walker, Robert


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Hi all, I was turned onto freemarker today and really impressed with it, and wanted to use it to generate spreadsheetML

(xml that  Excel will open as if it were a xlsx file)


I am having problems accessing properties buried a few layers deep.


Basically, I have a   OrganisationInfo class which contains an OrganisationInfo. NetworkList object,

And that networkList property contains a List of Network objects, from which I need to get

property values.


I am wondering if JAXB has generated something freemarker can’t be used to access in it’s template.


I want to try something like


cfg.setObjectWrapper(  new DefaultObjectWrapper() );

SimpleHash root = new SimpleHash();

// expose JAXB generated java object

root.put("organisationInfo", organisationInfo);


then my template has accessing syntax like


<h1> ${organisationInfo.networkList[0].tadigCode} </h1>


Is this possible with freemarker? Is there an example of this anywhere?

I get various errors Expected hash. organisationInfo.networkList[0] evaluated instead to freemarker.template.SimpleScalar.


Thanks all





I have JAXB generated classes like this


@XmlRootElement(name = "OrganisationInfo")

public class OrganisationInfo


@XmlElement(name = "NetworkList", required = true)

protected OrganisationInfo.NetworkList networkList;







@XmlType(name = "", propOrder = {"network"})

public static class NetworkList


              @XmlElement(name = "Network", required = true)

        protected List<Network> network;






@XmlRootElement(name = "Network")

public class Network


    @XmlElement(name = "TADIGCode", required = true)

    protected String tadigCode;






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