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Re: [FreeMarker-user] help in understand how to reference my
 objects in my view

Daniel Dekany


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Monday, April 9, 2012, 10:10:12 PM, S Ahmed wrote:

> I have a UserSession object that I add into my model like:
> UserSession userSession = get....
> ModelAndView mav = new ModelAndView("..");
> mav.add("session", userSession);
> return mav;
> Now in my index.ftl page I want to do this:
> if userSession.isLoggedIn
> <p>....
> </p>
> end if
> How do I do that using freemarker?
> I tried this:
> <#if session.isSignedIn>
> </#if>
> But I get an error saying that session.isSignedIn has to return
> true/false. Is does return true/false, so what is wrong?

I suppose the error also says that the value is a method. So that's
the problem. In FreeMarker methods are first-class values, and you
haven't *called* the method (like `session.isSignedIn()`) just got the
method itself. Anyway, since this looks like a JavaBean property, you
could just write `session.signedIn` (no "is" and lowercase "s").

> thanks!

Best regards,
Daniel Dekany

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