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Re: [FreeMarker-user] Deadlock issue

Jacopo Cappellato


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Thank you Daniel,

please see my comments inline:

On Apr 18, 2012, at 9:27 PM, Daniel Dekany wrote:

> Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 5:06:07 PM, Jacopo Cappellato wrote:
>> ...
>> Here are the details of the deadlock:
>> Thread 1:
>> a) ClassBasedModelFactory.get is called: this method acquires a lock on the "cache" variable
>> b) the method then calls BeansWrapper.introspectClass: this method
>> attempts to acquire a lock on "classCache" variable
>> Thread 2:
>> x) BeansWrapper.introspectClass is called: this method acquires a lock on the "classCache" variable
>> y) the method then calls BeansWrapper.introspectClassInternal that in turn
>> calls ClassBasedModelFactory.clearCache: this method attempts to
>> acquire a lock on "cache" variable
> Yeah, that's wrong. And I see 2.3.19 does this too.

Please let me know if you want me to file a ticket in the issue tracker.

>> If the two threads are concurrent and perform the tasks in the following order:
>> a
>> x
>> b
>> y
>> we get the deadlock.
>> Now: we are sure this is the cause of the problem; what we do not
>> know, and I am hoping on your help, is what could be cause that 2
>> threads perform the calls axby on the two objects
>> ClassBasedModelFactory and BeansWrapper
>> I suspect it may be something wrong we are doing with Freemarker
>> templates, include directives etc...
> It's a bug in FreeMarker, so it's not because you do something wrong.
> It has to be fixed in FreeMarker. However, I smell something fishy
> here... This deadlock can occur only if FreeMarker detects a
> class-reloading, and then you also must be rather unlucky with the
> timings. So it looks like class-reloading is frequent on your
> production server, or at FreeMarker believes that. Is it possible that
> you load the same class with different ClassLoader-s (like, different
> versions of the same class)? Having different versions of the same
> class around is normal with OSGi and like, but as far as I see (only
> from a quick look though), the author of BeansWrapper haven't
> considered that. So if you have that situation, FreeMarker will drop
> the introspection caches often, which is already a bad thing, as it
> can slow down things.

Thanks for the useful information.
We are actually using Freemarker in OFBiz ( and we have several production instances running without experiencing this deadlock.
So I suspect (and I am investigating) we have some custom template that is causing the issue in this instance only.
Could it be possible that the following condition causes the deadlock under high traffic?

We have 2 ftl templates:

template1.ftl: it contains content ftl directives etc...
template2.ftl: it contains the following code:
<header id="header">
<#include "template1.ftl"/>

and we have several threads that may render template1.ftl directly or template2.ftl

Could this contribute to cause the deadlock? I am asking because we did the attempt to remove the <#include> directive and copy the content of template1.ftl directly in template2.ftl and this *seems* to resolve the problem (but we are still testing it).



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