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Hi All,

I wrote the below code :

<#assign content=get_custom_list ("9e3344c0-a641-11e0-9b98-12313d0232b0")>
<#assign array=[]>
<#list content as x>
<#assign array=array+ [x.value]>

*the results is*
content : [{"value":"4","label":"Jordan 1"},{"value":"13","label":"BEYROUTH

*array* : ["4","13","17","18","20"]

My Question is regarding array's result, when I write this code <#assign
array=[x.value]> instead of the <#assign array=array+ [x.value]>
*the result will be *

["20"] so why I need to define this line: *array +*, also I need a useful
link about an array(*how to define an array*)

Mousa Gharaibeh*

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