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Re: [FreeMarker-user] Removing templates manually from a cache.

Frank Zeyda


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Hi Daniel,

Many thanks for such a quick reply and fix.

> BTW the whole delay business has a design issue... it should be
> per-template-loader. After all, what the ideal delay depends on how
> resource consuming checking if the source was changed is.

Yes, I agree. The delayed loading mechanism, for instance, does not equally
make sense for all template loaders. So each loader should ideally be able to
specify its own caching policy.

> So, I just wonder of a 0 delay for the StringTemplateLoader and non-0 for the
> FileTemplateLoader would solve your problem. Anyway, you can't do that...

Yes, I suppose it would if this was possible.

> You are supposed use the CacheStorage API only indirectly, trough the
> Configuration API. Or at least I suppose that was the intent of the
> authors.

I see. I think that despite the above there is still the possibility of
providing custom cache implementations at the user's end, so maybe for this
reason the design was chosen.

> Can you get the TemplateCache instance at all? There's no
> Configuration.getTemplateCache, nor setTemplateCache. I think the only
> reason TemplateCache is public is that access control in Java is
> overly simplistic for any product that has sub-packages.

Ah, actually Configuration has a method void setCacheStorage(CacheStorage). So
by creating and setting one's own cache, it is possible to get a reference to

> Anyway... I have added Configuration.removeTemlateFromCache to the 2.3
> branch. Tell me if it works. Here's the build:
> ...

Great. Many thanks once more for looking at this so quickly!

I checked out the svn sources to find out the signature of the method. It seems
work without problems.

PS: It would be nice to commit this branch to the maven repository to some
point; I could then download it dynamically as part of my build process. For now
I am using the attached freemarker.jar.

All the best,

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