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Options to implement nested transactions with iBatis.NET

Roger Champagne


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I just joined this mailing list this week, this is my first post.

I must start by congratulating the whole iBatis.NET team for a great product. I used the java version in the past and was pleasantly surprised to find the .NET version when the need came about this summer.

I am also a novice in database related questions, so please excuse any naive or wrong assumptions/questions.

I have a need for nested transactions. After browsing through the archives of this mailing list, I concluded that there are two recurring options, both involving using something other than iBatis at the service layer: 1) use the .NET System.Transactions API; 2) use the Castle Windsor container withe the iBatis facility. As pointed out in another post, the latter doesn't seem actively supported for a little while. Someone else replied to this comment by pointing out that they were still using it and that the last version was indeed very usable.

As I am not familiar with either Castle or the System.Transactions API, I'm basically looking for advice as to which of the two solutions (or perhaps yet another solution) I should be looking into.

Thanks for any advice you might have on this issue.


Roger Champagne
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